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5-Count Craps strategy – 5-Count betting system

5-Count Craps strategy - 5-Count betting system


5-Count Craps strategy – 5-Count betting system

5-Count Craps strategy – 5-Count betting system

Craps is chance-based and a system like the 5-Count betting system is needed for it. Here you’ll learn how to use the 5-Count Craps strategy.

In casino games like roulette and Craps, the results of the game are based on chance, and all you can do to improve your winning chance is to use one wagering strategy or a group of them to improve your wagering design, structure, and efficiency. For Craps, one of these popular wagering systems is the 5-Count betting system that is explained in this article of

5-Count Craps strategy and its features

Playing Craps like the best craps players in the world is not impossible, but depends on learning the game’s tricks and strategies. If the 5-Count betting system is what you want to use, pursue this passage.

What is the 5-Count strategy?

What is the 5-Count strategy?


The 5-Count system is a technique used to try and cash in when a shooter is a hot. This methodology keeps you playing for an extended length and can bring you huge wins. Even though you will probably experience losses too, the objective of the 5-Count system is to keep the losses small and the wins greater.

The idea of the 5-Count method is straightforward. A shooter has just been passed the dice, and he is on his first come-out roll. You don’t put down any wagers. The shooter should make five effective rolls of the dice before you hazard your first wager. That is the 5-Count method.

How does the 5-Count strategy work in Craps?

The 5-Count framework isn’t for those players who like to feel their heart dashing as they put down wagers seemingly out of the blue. This is a straightforward methodology for craps to simplify the game for you as well as to guarantee you play in a cool and gathered design and put down the smartest wagers. The 5-Count framework will help limit losses at the table, yet the house advantage on the wagers continues as before.

The 5-Count methodology intends to prevent you from losing cash on bad shooters who seven out in a matter of moments, and rather cash in on the shooters who are showing their value by counting to five points before you begin wagering. You need to count in an accompanying manner with the 5-Count methodology:

Count Zero: The come-out roll, the shooter’s first roll of the dice, is count zero.

Count-1: The count stays zero until the shooter rolls a point number of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 then the count goes to one. With a 2, 3, 7, 11 and 12, the count stays zero.

Count 2-4: You count 1 point for each roll of the dice after the point number is set up until you arrive at count 4 paying little mind to the number rolled.

– Reaching Count-5: Once you are at count 4, the shooter must roll a point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) again to add the fifth point, and you stay at 4-count with any other number.

Put your wagers: Now you have 5 points you can put down a wager on the table

As you progress, you will have to change your play likewise with the achievement of your procedure and the shooter. On the off chance that you don’t win on any of your numbers for three sequential rolls, you should call the odds off and wait two rolls before you put the odds back up. If the shooter is as yet playing after these two rolls, you can start the 5 Count method once more.

Wagers to put and evade with the 5 Count method

Wagers to put and evade with the 5 Count method

Equipped with 5 points you can now put down your wagers (Pass or Come wagers or Don’t Pass or Don’t Come wagers) and laying/taking odds. Avoid the proposition wagers. What are proposition wagers?

This is another unsafe wager with a high as can be a house edge. Regardless of how energizing it looks, don’t get roped in by the proposition wagers except if you’re a major high-roller ordinarily. On the off chance that you hit a winning hot on the dice, it pays an incredible 30 to 1. These proposition wagers should be kept away from are:

  • Any Craps
  • Any 3
  • Any 2 or 12
  • Any craps 11

How to use the 5-Count strategy in Craps?

Whenever you’ve distinguished a 5-Count shooter, you can begin to wager on him. You shouldn’t wager on any shooter until he’s prevailing at getting to the 5-Count.

  1. Put down a $5 don’t come wager.
  • If the shooter 7’s out — you won $5 from don’t pass wager — go back to step 1.
  • If the shooter rolls 11 — do not replace don’t come wager.
  • If the shooter rolls 2, 3 take winnings and repeat wager; if 12 then same wager.
  • If the shooter rolls any point number — go to step 3.
  1. Do not make any more wagers until:
  • Shooter seven’s out — you won $15 — go back to step 1.
  • Shooter kills both of your wagers — don’t pass and don’t come. If you no longer have any wagers on the table, immediately begin the five Count method. Employ the same wagering strategy as was described in step 1.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 5-Count Craps strategy

Advantages and disadvantages of the 5-Count Craps strategy


The five Count method decreases the number and size of wagers you put on other shooters, accordingly lessening your general risk. The disadvantage of utilizing the 5-Count betting system in Craps is that you observe more than play, but wagering on a drunk person to toss dice how you need is a pretty unsafe wager.

Does the 5-Count Craps system work?

The common sense says that the 5-Count Craps system explained shouldn’t influence the game. It’s negating all that we’ve found out about random events. Nonetheless, playing the 5-Count betting system in Craps will hinder the rate at which you risk cash at the table. Truth be told, somewhat more than half of the tosses in a session will be unplayable. In any case, once more, Scoblete (the designer of the strategy) claims that 5-Count Craps system explained works.

Bottom line

Bottom line


The 5-Count Craps strategy was first published in 1994. Since that time it has been filling in as a subject of discussion. Professor Don Catlin made an exploration utilizing a computer simulation and demonstrated that the 5-Count betting system may be helpful. Cool shooters can’t be observed in all sessions. It happens that a player loses in the following roll in the wake of arriving at the 5-Count.

Anyway, as per aficionados of the 5-Count Craps strategy, it assists with remaining in the game longer and lessens risks. Along these lines, when you visit a gambling club sometime later, you can test this wagering framework if you have never attempted to do it.

Most frequently asked questions about the 5-Count technique

  • For what reason doesn’t the 5-Count betting system utilize any 5 rolls? For what reason does it need to utilize a fifth roll that is a point number?

The thought is that a decent shooter rolls his point early, yet also that he rolls points reliably. Some controlled shooters work in rolling certain numbers, indeed. Your objective with the 5-Count Craps strategy is to dispose of shooters who additionally roll a ton of 2s, 3s, 11s, or 12s.

The house edge on those numbers is excessively high, so you would prefer not to start putting cash on those. Controlled shooting only disposes the house edge when it’s small; if the house edge is huge, controlled shooting will decrease it. Your aim is to turn it around, not to simply dispose of it.

  • For what reason wouldn’t you be able to simply wager on every other shooter if your objective is simply to build your time at the table for comp purposes?

You aim is something other than getting more comps for less risk. You likewise need to save cash from the cold rolls. You’ll require that cash to wager with when a shooter gets hot. It’s insufficient to simply randomize which shooters you wager on. You need to wipe out the weak shooters.

  • How well does the 5-Count betting system work in real practice rather than in principle?

The direst outcome imaginable utilizing the 5-Count Craps strategy is this: You set less cash in motion each hour and get a greater number of comps for that cash than you would regularly. This assumes that the shooters who prevail with regards to getting to the 5-Count are simply getting there as a direct result of variance. That is the direst outcome imaginable. In the ideal situation, you stand to win a ton of cash.

  • For what reason don’t more players utilize the 5-Count wagering strategy?

Many people don’t play the 5-Count wagering strategy since they want to be in action more frequently than that. Truth be told, as per Scoblete, most people who play craps are “Insane Crappers.” (That’s his term for craps players who make wagers with a high house edge. He additionally mentions that the 5-Count Craps strategy isn’t for everybody.

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