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Baccarat superstitions – Are you a superstitious player?

Baccarat superstitions – Are you a superstitious player?


Baccarat superstitions – Are you a superstitious player?

Baccarat superstitions – Are you a superstitious player?

Baccarat is one of the most famous casino games and has so many rumors around it. In this article, Baccarat superstitions are explained.

Although we live in the 21st century and science has advanced so much, there are illogical aspects in our life, called superstitions, which we tend to believe and consequently avoid or follow to reach specific goals. This manner also exists in our leisure life and what we do to have fun. Baccarat, as one of the most popular casino games of the world, likewise has its special superstitions. In this article of the, the most famous Baccarat superstitions are clarified.

Baccarat superstitions and their nature

After learning how to playing baccarat and practicing the game’s rules, there are things that you must follow to continue your sessions in a friendly atmosphere. All of these actions have some unprovable concepts behind them that form a part of people’s beliefs, and while some of them are popular and well-accepted, others are tabooed and are frown upon. If you want to know them about baccarat, pursue this passage.

1.      Bending Cards and Slowly Peeking

Bending Cards and Slowly Peeking


If you set out to venture into a high limit salon or have gone through over 30 seconds in a Macau gambling club, you’ve just seen it as one of the most common place Baccarat practices; the player bends a card up slowly taking a look, returns it down, turns it 90 degrees, and afterward bends it up again slowly to take one more look. Before turning this card over, he rather rehashes this action with the following card he gets.

You may be considering how somebody can be superstitious to the point that they really look twice, believing that the card’s worth can change on the subsequent look. In reality, these players don’t decisively know the value of the cards they just looked at and this act is only one of the several existing baccarat superstitions in the world. Let me to clarify.

In bending, what baccarat players are really seeking for are “sides” – the number of suits on the edges of the card. For instance, cards valued six, seven, and eight have two suits along the shorter edge, three suits along the more drawn out edge. At the point when the cards are dealt face down, the player takes them and precisely puts his thumbs under with the goal that the numerical value is impeded.

At that point, he starts to slowly bend the card up to reveal not the real number (recollect once more, that the thumbs are obstructing the numerical value), but the number of suits on each edge being mindful so as not to see whether there are any suits in the center of the card.

2.      Blowing on Cards

Its unacceptable to draw attentions to a guide to Baccarat famous superstitions, without mentioning this one. Macau baccarat players ordinarily blow on cards to ward over any bad numbers/sides. This action is commonly performed after cards have been bent and inspected along the edges. Given that these players just know the sides instead of real numbers, blowing on the cards is intended to overwhelm bad sides.

Here’s a model:

  • You’re dealt your first card.
  • You check the top edge and see two sides.
  • The long edge likewise shows two sides, demonstrating either a 4 or 5.
  • Your second card includes precisely the same sides.
  • The hope is that one is a 5 and one is a 4, accordingly rising to an ideal score of 9.
  • You blow on one of the cards to rid the middle side.

You don’t need to experience the bending custom just to blow on cards. Overall, you can essentially blow on the card back to rid bad numbers. In any case, once more, numerous superstitious Macau players get their cards first and afterward blow away the bad sides/numbers.

3.      Cards’ Squeezing


Cards’ squeezing is also among the baccarat superstitions. Chinese baccarat players normally firmly squeeze their cards between their fingers and slowly take a gander at their hand by lifting the vertical part of the card enough to see the number and suit, at that point turn it horizontally to investigate it once more.

This one of the Baccarat rituals, even though wrinkles the cards and making them unusable for another round, is endured by Macau gambling clubs. Chinese players do this baccarat custom in the hope of getting a sum of nine or near nine.

4.      Following Patterns and Trends

It is anything but an unprecedented practice that Punto Banco players record the outcomes as per customary patterns, like “bead road”, “big road”, “big eye road”, “small road” and “cockroach road”. They at that point utilize the layout to guess what the consequence of the next coup may be.

Lets make it clear: Baccarat is a round of chance and not skill, and it is absolutely inconceivable to affect your winning chances by investigating past results. The fact that record cards are as yet utilized in clubs across the world basically implies they’re part for Baccarat tradition, hence we included it in this guide to Baccarat famous superstitions.

5.      Tracking Hand history as a Game Strategy

Tracking Hand history as a Game Strategy


One of the most well-known baccarat superstitions mistook for a game technique is based on hands history. You have most likely seen that most rounds of online baccarat give an additional window a hand tracker. If you have played the round of roulette you most presumably realize that all online gambling clubs offer the feature of following the winning numbers as well.

Roulette is a round of chance, where the player’s impact doesn’t cross the line of wagering. A similar story is with baccarat. When you have put down your wager, you can’t change the outcome. In this manner, tracking winning hands can’t impact the following hand or hands, and is just one of the superstitious Baccarat practices.

6.      Numbers 4 and 8 and Their Background

Clubs obliging Chinese players are increasing in number. You probably have heard that 4 is a bad luck number in Chinese culture? Well much the same as you will not see a thirteenth floor in an American lift, its more and more likely that you won’t see a number 4 or 14 seat at the Baccarat tables.

Then again, the number 8 is viewed as an extremely promising number. (Recollect that the 2008 Olympics, in Beijing, China, beginning on 08/08/08). Look for the number 8 seat to be the first taken at any Baccarat table frequented by Chinese players. Again its just about superstitious players and their Baccarat rituals.

7.      Playing at the Same Dealer’s Table

Playing at the Same Dealer's Table


For the superstitious baccarat player, picking a table is an important baccarat custom, no matter if its considered as one of the globally rejected baccarat superstitions. On the off chance that players experience several sequential wins, they won’t have any desire to move from that dealer’s table. Moreover, if they experience a bad session with a specific dealer they’ll believe the said dealer has brought them bad luck and are probably going to get their chips and leave the table.

Numerous baccarat players will have a specific croupier as a primary concern when they enter the gambling club, and others they consider unlucky and wish to evade. On the off chance that their ‘lucky’ dealer is changed to an ‘unlucky’ one, they’re without a doubt to leave the table when the dealers are changed.

8.      Ripping Cards

Players at times rip and obliterate their cards as a motion to welcome karma. This may appear to be excessively dramatic, yet strain runs high during an intense baccarat game, particularly if a great deal of cash is at stake, and the action is so typical in Macau that it appears to be an ordinary Baccarat tradition.

In light of all the ripping and bending that happens at the table, no deck of cards is utilized more than once. When a deck has been utilized, it is either destroyed or recycled by the house.

9.      Tapping a Glass or Ashtray

Tapping a Glass or Ashtray


Some players believe that tapping an ashtray or their beverages glass with pens will bring them best of luck. Of course, this is one you can attempt at home while you’re playing at Bovada. Simply tap your glass or your ashtray with your pen before the following hand is dealt and the reasoning is that you’ll win the following hand.

On the off chance that you do, be sure that it’s nothing to do with tapping the glass or ashtray; It is just as common as that we found it vital to include it in our guide to Baccarat famous superstitions.

10.  Using Pens

Numerous players use pens to record the hands’ deal in a round of Baccarat, and so many land-based clubs will provide these as a courtesy. Players who believe in baccarat superstitions frequently puncture their cards in the middle with their pen for best of luck or when the card they need is dealt. While this is grimaced upon at lower stakes baccarat tables, high-stakes games nearly expect this of players as one of the ordinary Baccarat practices.

11.      Wearing Red Clothing

Wearing Red Clothing


Yet one of the famous baccarat superstitions involves wearing red to the table. This is particularly common among Chinese players since red has an exceptional value in their way of life. This color represents numerous things in Chinese culture, including festivity, bliss, joy, and luck. The last is particularly essential to baccarat players.

Vegas gambling clubs completely comprehend Asian baccarat players’ strong faith in the color red. This is the reason hot-shot rooms regularly incorporate red shading decorations. Thus if you see Chinese players in red from head to toe, consider it as one of their Baccarat rituals.

12.     Bringing a Good Luck Charm

Another regular baccarat custom includes bringing a good luck charm to the table. For instance, a gambler may wear what’s brought them good luck at a past session. Good luck’s charms aren’t exclusive to baccarat. However, they’re profoundly famous among superstitious baccarat players as one of the Baccarat traditions.

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