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Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets – All You Need To Know

Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets - All You Need To Know


Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets – All You Need To Know

Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets – All You Need To Know

Craps has many wagering options each with specific conditions. Here you’ll read about Big 6 and Big 8 craps bets and their details.

If you are a craps player, you know that it is a random game, and gambling on it implies that your money is at the mercy of a pair of rolling dice. Nevertheless, using craps strategies, and craps betting options and methods helps you to at least decrease your chance of losing, if it doesn’t increase your winning chance. Overall, among the craps wagering alternatives, Big 6 and Big 8 craps bets are so controversial. In this article of, you read all you have to know about them.

What Must Be Understood About Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets

One of the biggest craps mistakes is not knowing what bet to choose. In fact gambling on craps without knowing enough about its wagering alternatives can empty your pockets in a matter of seconds. Now if you are not so knowledgeable about Big 6 8 craps bets and want to know more about them to gamble efficiently, pursue this passage.

What Are the Big Six and Big Eight Bet?

What Are the Big Six and Big Eight Bet?


In the least complex terms, it is a play in craps when a player wagers whether a six or an eight will be rolled before the seven. Essentially, the dice are rolled until a six or seven comes up and the player wins or loses. With the Big Six, if the six precedes the seven, the player wins. If the seven precedes the six, the player loses. Similar guidelines apply to the Big Eight.

If a player rolls an eight preceding a seven, they win. If they roll a seven preceding the eight, they lose. On the craps board, regardless of whether you’re playing an online gambling club or a land-based club, the big six-eight craps bets are precisely the same as the typical six and eight spots, aside from they have different location and payoffs.

Odds and House Edges

Big 6 and big 8 craps bets odds are even odds. For each dollar, you bet you get a dollar. The genuine winning odds for the house are 6 to 5, so the big 6 and big 8 craps bets house edges is roughly 9%, which is really high. The two wagers are not viewed as the best craps wagers you could choose and Place wagers are more suggested and have a higher chance of winning.

You could just simply make a 6 or 8 Place wager and get better odds for a payout and concede a lot smaller house edge. The explanation individuals choose big six and big eight craps bets is that they are in a conspicuous spot on the lower corners of the craps table. Wagering big 6 bet – big 8 bet in craps is an indication to other players that you know little of the principles of craps. If you want to play craps, keep away from the big 6 and big 8 craps bets.

Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets Payouts

Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets Payouts


As said above, big 6 and big 8 craps bets payouts is 1:1 or even cash, but recall that the big 6 and big 8 craps bets house edges is around 9%, which is a great deal. Numerous novice craps players befuddled Big 6 and Big 8 bets, with place 6 and place 8 wagers, and that is the reason they are named sucker wagers.

There is an immense contrast between these two gatherings of wagers. You should realize that a Place 6 or a Place 8 bet pays 7:6 and their house edge is around 1.5 percent. So if you aim to gamble on the numbers 6 and 8 successive appearing, you ought to pick Place wagers, since you need to increment your winning chance and avoid giving the house a big edge over yourself.

How to Play Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets

Although craps fans will not see other players making big 6 8 craps bets that frequently, now and then, this may occur. In any case, on the off chance that you see such a bettor, the primary thing that should hit you is that basically, the player being referred to doesn’t have any information on the game. Much of the time, the players who adhere to specific bet types like big six-eight craps bets are ignorant to the fact that the big six and big eight craps bets are bad wagers.

Nevertheless, how about we investigate the big 6 bet – big 8 bet in craps to ensure that you know about the entirety of their quirks. As you probably have seen, the areas allocated to these two wagers are situated at the corners of the wagering layout. Although these wagers are not exactly great for players, they are very direct and the principles they follow are not difficult to learn.

Craps fans simply bet that the 8 or the 6 will appear before the 7. Now, lets see how to play big 6 and big 8 craps bets. Assume that you have opted to bet $5 on the Big 6. You place your chip on the particular space of the wagering layout and you wait for a decision to be made. The first number that shows is 12. When making a Big Six or a Big Eight, the solitary numbers that matter to you are the 7, the 6, and the 8.

Thus, since a 12 has shown up, the game proceeds because of the fact that it is one of the neutral numbers. Now, if we assume that the number that shows up after a new throw is 5, this will again imply that the game should proceed for you because of the fact that it additionally is among the numbers that are of no significance to you.

After this, a new throw happens and the number which shows this time is 6, implying that your bet turns into a winning one because of the fact that the 6 has sprung up before the 7. As it was expressed, the big 6 and big 8 craps bets odds is even cash, which as such implies that for our situation, you will be conceded another $5.

Now assume that this time you have chosen to place $5 on a Big Eight bet. The number, which shows after the first roll is 2, which doesn’t impact the course of the game for you. A new roll happens and the number which shows is 9, which indeed is an impartial number. At that point, if we assume that 7 shows, this will consequently make your bet a losing one essentially because the 7 has sprung up before the 8.

Comparing the Big Six and the Place Bets

Comparing the Big Six and the Place Bets


Now, we will compare the Big Six bet and the Place bet with the goal that you could find out why the latter is the better alternative you are encouraged to go for. To compare these two bet types, we will assume that first, you have made a $6 Big Six bet, which pays even cash. Now, imagine that at the craps table, there is another player who has chosen to make a $6 Place Bet on 6.

As it was mentioned, a winning Place bet on the 6 will compensate you $7 for each $6 you bet because of the fact that such wagers pay 7 to 6 (7:6). If we assume that the number that has come out is 6, this will imply that both of the wagers are winning ones. Here comes the most important distinction, which represents why it would be better if you go for Place wagers.

Since a winning Big Six bet pays even cash, this implies that your bet will get you another $6. Yet, this is unquestionably not the situation with the other player at the craps table who is given $7 for his bet of $6. It’s obvious that making a Place bet on the 6 is an undeniably more valuable choice. As should be obvious, the sum you will take changes, and everything depends on whether you have made a Place wager or you have chosen to make a Big Six bet.

Disadvantages of Big 6 and Big 8 Craps Bets

Now lets see what are the disadvantages of big 6 and big 8 craps bets.


Rolling six or eight preceding the seven implies that the player is a winner now. They can continue with their next bet or leave the game with their payout. Nonetheless, if the number seven is rolled before six or respectively eight, the player is a loser and they lose the cash put down on the bet. The payout for the both bets is 1:1 characterizing them as fairly risky ones.

        Craps Strategies Triggering a Windfall

Players lose six wagers for every five wagers they win, saving this bet for the most experienced players paying attention to their instinct while gaming. The house edge for the big six-eight craps bets is nine percent, a detail not many players know while making their first steps in the craps world.

        Taking it to the Streets with Street Craps

The high likelihood of rolling six or eight doesn’t correspond well with the nine-percent house edge if you lose. It ought to likewise be noticed that the professional craps player consistently screens where the Place bet is placed on the craps table. This is significant, as it takes out any question that may happen when it is time for cash payouts.

Should We Avoid These Bets?

Should We Avoid These Bets?


Yes. Wagering on the big six and big eight craps bets ought to be kept away from. They are known as famously awful wagers in the realm of craps. Probably the most compelling reason for the wager’s awful standing is the small payouts that are yielded from it. With a 1:1 payoff, players are in a tough spot since there are five different ways to roll six and six different ways to roll a seven.

With an even payout, that implies you will lose more than you win since there is a superior possibility you will roll a seven. The same thing applies to the Big Eight. In case you’re playing the ordinary six and eight on the board, you get a 7:6 payoff which implies a $6 bet yields a $7 win. It’s not the best odds out there, but rather it’s impressively better than the even payout with a lesser chance to win than the Big Six and Big Eight technique offer.

Bottom Line

The big 6 bet – big 8 bet in craps are self-serviced wagers and allow players the opportunity to make wagers on 6 and 8. Considering the fact that they are not interrelated wagers, this implies that they don’t affect each other, which consequently implies that bettors can place them together or each, in turn, contingent upon their inclinations.

These two wagers pay even cash, yet the main thing you ought to recall about them is that the edge the house appreciates is the faltering 9.09%, which is the reason behind why the majority of the craps fans who have decent information on the game will suggest you to cease from making such wagers.

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