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Craps Superstitions – Cross Your Fingers Then Throw

Craps Superstitions – Cross Your Fingers Then Throw


Craps Superstitions – Cross Your Fingers Then Throw

Craps Superstitions – Cross Your Fingers Then Throw

The less control you have, the more salient superstitions become, and it is true about carps. Here you’ll read about craps superstitions.

Some of us in our life follow certain beliefs (called superstitions) that have no scientific and logical explanations behind themselves. It is especially true when it comes to events with random nature. Regarding them, we think that if we follow or disregard certain behaviors, certain outcomes will be achieved. Among casino games, it is the case about Craps. In this article of, you will read about the most famous craps superstitions.

What are the most famous craps superstitions in the world?

No matter how professional you are at craps, to be treated friendly when playing you have to follow the most important craps etiquette in the world. Part of this behavior includes respecting craps traditions. If you want to know how to reach this aim, pursue this passage.

–          The Dice Should Not Hit Anyone’s Hand When Thrown.

The Dice Should Not Hit Anyone's Hand When Thrown.


Players and teams frequently yell “watch your hands” when the shooter is going to shoot. The reasoning is the roll will be cursed if it comes into contact with anything and the Craps table team has been blamed for this by perturbed players.

–          Virgin Players Can Be Good Or Bad Luck.

The setting of the term “virgin” for this situation isn’t inferring if you are actually a virgin or not. It is simply concerning if you have at any point played craps previously. So this craps custom is identified with first-time players of craps. If a “virgin” male comes to the table begins rolling the dice, the notion says he will bring bad luck to the table. Conversely, if a “virgin” female starts playing for the first time at a craps table, she would bring the best of luck. This is really where the term Lady Luck originates.

–          Dice Leaving The Table.

It’s regularly mentioned in any guide to craps famous superstitions and believed that if the dice leave the table, the following roll with a new set will be the beginning of an unfortunate streak. At the point when this occurs, some shooters demand utilizing the very dice that left the table to counter the bad luck and keep the wins streaming.

–          Don’t Yell “Eleven”.

The dice coming up 11 isn’t terrible, however shouting “eleven” is! The dice have ears, anyway some of the time they are somewhat nearly deaf. Their ears generally get clogged up with the perspiration of a gambler’s hands, and they don’t hear so good. So when you shout “eleven”, they may hear “seven”. Make certain to require an 11 by its epithet, “yo”; it is among the most famous craps practices.

–          The First Player At The Table Is Cursed.

The First Player At The Table Is Cursed.


Numerous players attempt to find tables that as of now have in any event one player in a play. The explanation is straightforward; based on craps superstitions, some players believe that the first player at the table is “cursed” and for the whole span of his game, he will be unbelievably unfortunate and will always lose. He could experience an alleged “cold dice”, which implies a regrettable event.

If you end up wanting to adhere to this notion and be afraid that destiny will rebuff you, you would be wise to allow a newbie to plunk down first, and afterward, with the words “I said it”, watch his failure.

–          Shooter Interrupted/Distracted By Anyone.

To have a friendly session, even if you are not superstitious, follow craps traditions. Some of craps players don’t like to be distracted. They think if someone distract them, especially a floor person, young lady companion, spouse, drunk standing close to him, or a pair of 44D’s strolling by – seven out. Same explanation again.

–          Speaking Of The Seven.

Seven is the most unlucky number at the craps table. Odd craps notions about this number proliferate. For instance, the stick man must be loyal to craps customs and ought to never at any point pass you the dice with an aggregate of seven looking up. Indeed, the actual mention of the number is viewed as unlucky by the old veterans.

–          After The Point Is Established, You Always Place The Points Opposite.

The odds are equivalent to hitting the point or hitting its inverse, so many believe that the contrary will have a more noteworthy chance of coming up than the point. Here are the potential points and their contraries: point of four, opposite ten; point of five, opposite nine; point of six, opposite eight; point of eight, opposite six; point of nine, opposite five; point of ten, opposite four. Pairs of opposites consistently add up to fourteen. You will find this one in any guide to craps famous superstitions.

–          Asking For New Dice.

Asking For New Dice.


It is simple. Dice deserve loyalty and demand it; so be loyal to craps practices. If you or other players in your table or even the dealer would demand new dice, except that the number seven will come up straight away.

–          Changing The Dealer.

Another huge craps notion is a dealer or stick man change in a roll. You never want to see the stick man go away when things are working out in a good way. Unavoidably, the new stick man is a cooler on the dice. And coolers suck. Except when they’re brimming with beer.

–          Cashing In While The Shooter Is Shooting.

At the point when a decent roll is in progress never throw cash on the craps table to cash in while the shooter is shooting. Based on craps superstitions, on the off chance that the dice hit the new cash the following roll will be a seven.

–          Betting Against The Pass.

Based more on karma and altruism than luck, and also as a craps tradition, numerous individuals disapprove of a player who wagers “Don’t Pass” or “Don’t Come”, as these wagers are set against the other players. Some even believe that as more individuals wager against them, their chances of winning begin to diminish, and they may render their retribution when your turn comes around.

–          Wrong Bettors Increase 7 Come Out Rolls.

Wrong Bettors Increase 7 Come Out Rolls.


There are some players known as “wrong” bettors who will lose when a seven is tossed in the come-out rolls. The myth is that the number 7 will be rolled more habitually when more players wager on the don’t pass line or when more of them are “wrong”. In one way though, the “right” players will win all the more frequently when the 7 is tossed on the come-out roll. Are you a superstitious player? Mind this craps custom.

–          Counting Chips At The Table.

Avoid doing that. Not only is it regularly viewed as impolite, yet some players additionally believe that counting chips in a real sense drives luck away from the table. Therefore, if you get into a circumstance where you need to count the playing chips, it is smarter to do it elsewhere. Conceivably prudently so his partners don’t take note. It is an important item of our guide to craps famous superstitions.

–          Bet ‘Any Craps’ After A Craps Roll.

Since craps rolls come in pair, if the dice come up craps once, they’re 90000% bound to come up craps once more. That’s right, a 90 thousand percent chance. It has been calculated; superstitious players said, based on craps notions.

–          A Cocktail Waitress.

In case you’re playing at a land-based gambling club and a cocktail waitress will approach toward the table with drinks on hand, a seven will probably follow. It is among the craps practices that are followed by revengeful cocktail waitresses.

–          You Have Better Luck When You Throw The Dice Off The Mirror On The Table.

You Have Better Luck When You Throw The Dice Off The Mirror On The Table.


Numerous craps players believe that if you shoot the dice off the mirror, the dice will land well for the players. The mirror on the craps table is situated on the contrary wall from the dealers. Gambling club staff only categorize it in craps superstitions group, and will discourage this action since it damage the dice and the mirror.

–          Try To Throw The Dice So They Roll As Little As Possible.

It’s believed that the more the dice tumble, the more possibility they have of coming up seven. So based on craps traditions, you dice must roll as little as possible.

–          Disagreement Between Player And Dealer.

Another craps custom that is consistently respected to avoid the appearance of a seven on the following roll is that players and dealers avoid having disagreement between themselves.

–          Dealer’s Fault.

At whatever point the dealers screw up in general – that is a major warning to pull your wagers down. Particularly the case if the stick man pushes the dice to the wrong person (or pushes them to the right player with a 7 appearing on the dice). In any guide to craps famous superstitions there are several points about the seven.

–          Casino Interference.

Casino Interference.


Be attentive to the craps practices and watch out for the gambling club attempting to cool things down by halting the game to refill the table’s stack of chips. Since havens forbid the staff in the club tackle their responsibilities.

–          Dice Crash Into Stacks.

Based on craps superstitions, dice hitting a chip stack on the opposite end of the table practically ensures a seven. Attempt to avoid tossing at enormous stacks of chips whenever possible, except if you want a seven.

–          Bad Vibes.

On the off chance that the dealers would prefer not to be there and the players are similarly disinterested, the vibe isn’t there. Bad vibes = bad dice, so follow the craps tradition.

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