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Famous Gambling and Casino Superstitions-A full List!

Famous Gambling and Casino Superstitions-A full List!


Famous Gambling and Casino Superstitions-A full List!

Famous Gambling and Casino Superstitions-A full List!

Wagering must be about calculation, but some other beliefs also guide it. Here you’ll read about famous gambling and casino superstitions.

Although we have always been told to be logical in our life, there are occasions that we tend to put science aside and guide things the way we believe. In this manner, we follow concepts that have no scientific explanations behind them, known as superstitions. This behavior is also common in gambling industry. In this article of, you will read about the most famous gambling and casino superstitions.

The most famous gambling and casino superstitions in the world

It doesn’t matter what do you think about gamblers and how other bettors play in casinos; the significant thing is to respect the most important casino etiquette. Now if you have seen a superstitious bettor acted strangely, and don’t know what are his gambling traditions and casino traditions to respect, but want to learn about them, pursue this passage.

•          Lending Money To Another Player

Lending Money To Another Player


If you want to welcome bad betting luck on yourself, ignore this gambling custom and loan money to another player. As well as the monetary considerations, loaning cash to other players is thought to antagonistically influence your games.

•          Lucky Numbers, Unlucky Numbers

At the point when we consider numbers, numerous things ring a bell. Numerous speculators have a lucky and an unlucky number for reasons they may have. The universal lucky number, notwithstanding, is 7, and 13 is viewed as an unlucky symbol. The starting point of unlucky number 13 being is said to trace back to Biblical days to The Last Supper.

There were 13 individuals at The Last Supper, and Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus, is considered as the thirteenth disciple. This is the reason the number 13 is viewed as unlucky in Western culture and any guide to gambling famous superstitions includes it. Nonetheless, in Asia, 13 is viewed as one of the numerous symbol of good luck. The lucky number 7 is known as a symbol of prosperity around the world. Seven can be seen in numerous club slot games.

•          $50 Bills

While Chinese customers had an issue strolling through a lion’s mouth, American card sharks have other concerns and follow different gambling practices. Some people believe $50 bills are very unlucky and will even decline to be paid in this denomination. The bills have been credited a foreboding significance since the times when much of Las Vegas was under mob rule, with tales flowing that gangsters put $50 bills in the pockets of their victims before burying them in the desert.

•          Counting Money

It’s difficult to find a list of famous gambling and casino superstitions that doesn’t mention this one; it’s a typical betting notion among players that it’s unlucky to count your winnings while you’re still at the betting table. Some players note that it’s simply viewed as bad manners all things considered.

•          Lucky/Unlucky Colors

Lucky/Unlucky Colors


Actually like numbers, colors also regarding gambling notions are frequently viewed as indications of good or bad luck. Many believe black to be unlucky, for instance, maybe due to its nearby relationship with death. Conversely, red is frequently viewed as a lucky color. This is especially obvious in Chinese culture, and numerous Chinese card sharks try to wear red at whatever point they are betting.

•          Itchy Palms

Have you ever noticed that when your palms get itchy, others will tell you that cash is coming to your way? This started in Serbia and Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, experiencing itchy hands is tremendously unlucky. On the off chance that you attempt to bet that very day that your hands feel itchy, there’s a big chance you will lose cash.

Concerning this gambling odd notion, Serbians have a different view. In their nation, individuals believe that itchy hands are a decent sign that you will have cash. Serbians take advantage of this notion and go betting at whatever point they begin feeling itchiness on their palms.

•          Entering Through The Main Entrances

It is hard to find any history of the clarification of this casino tradition. Numerous players believe that using a side entrance will expand their chances of winning. When the MGM Grand opened in 1996, the club’s main entrance was through a huge lion. This was lousy juju for some visitors.

In addition to the fact that they were wary about using the main entrance, entering through the beast’s mouth was even more bad luck to some Chinese players. The MGM in the end changed the entrance to more customary doors. They replaced the original lion with a 100,000-pound bronze sculpture of a lion above the entrance.

•          Wearing Anything Red Will Reap Rewards

There’s a custom in China that red is the color of good luck, which presumably clarifies why red is a particularly common color there. If the national flag being completely red wasn’t sufficient, the color everywhere to be seen during Chinese New Year, with a custom that includes the gifting of cash in red envelopes.

Even though betting in clubs is precluded in mainland China, prohibited since the communist party rose to control in 1949, the special administrative region of Macau is currently the most lucrative area for clubs in the entire world. There you’ll see a lot of players follow the same casino custom and wear something red for fortune, and if you don’t, chances are they’re wearing red underwear, as that is viewed as being particularly lucky.

•          Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms


It is entirely expected to see card sharks with lucky charms at whatever point they are playing at a land-based gambling club, or even when they are enjoying games on the online clubs. Lucky charms are vast and it will rely upon the individual’s relationship with the specific object. Well-known lucky charms incorporate a horseshoe, a crocodile tooth, a honey badger tooth and four leaf clovers.

Some players have lucky garments that they just should wear at whatever point they’re betting. In fact, you can find no guide to casino famous superstitions without mentioning an explanation about lucky charms.

•          Walking Away

One of the most well-known casino practices that exists for various games is the idea that walking away or simply looking away can help you. It’s quite hard to perceive how this would help. In any event, for a notion, this one is questionable at best. However, it appears to be sensible why players would have built up this propensity.

The nervous energy that accompanies looking out for a ball to land needs to go somewhere else, so if taking a quick walk away from the table makes you to feel more lucky, why not try it out? One thing that should be mentioned with this specific notion – ensure you return to the table in time or you’ll risk drawing the doubt of staff as someone who is displaying weird conduct!

•          Being A Menstruating Woman

Another Chinese casino notion, however not one that each club player will fundamentally be able to harness-apparently menstruating women tend to have better luck than other card sharks.

•          Fingers Crossed

Now a star among casino odd notions that has become such an integral piece of the English language that the actual demonstration of doing so has been forgotten. It is a fact that individuals, by and large subconsciously, cross their fingers while the wheels of a slot or roulette wheel are spinning.

•          Lucky Clothes

Lucky Clothes


Not all famous gambling and casino superstitions are based on actual items, and one of the most well-known ones is lucky garments. From underpants to T-shirts to accessories like sunglasses and hats, players frequently join supernatural forces to things of garments. This is more convenient, in case you’re in a situation to pick your lucky charm because you can wear it, as opposed to carrying it about with yourself.

Underwear is presumably the most well-known dress notion, and surprisingly some expert card sharks like proficient poker players have strange notions about lucky red pants, for instance. This frequently comes from good fortune that happened previously, or a pattern a player has seen developing around wearing the same attire at the betting table.

•          Love And Gambling

An American proverb, “Lucky in cards, unlucky in love,” is a typical gambling notion among club players. It is obscure where this proverb came from and what the thinking behind it is. In any case, it is consistently rehashed among players. One possible clarification is that individuals around the globe believe that an individual can’t have both love and cash. In fact, there is supposed to be a trade between the two.

On the other hand, the German rendition of this proverb goes the opposite way around, so you’ll get “Unlucky in cards, lucky in love.” So, in case you’re happy with your partner, you have a decent excuse when the betting gods turn against you. In any case, there is little proof to back up this notion, as some of the greatest poker stars on the planet are happily married.

•          Touching A Hunchback

In old Greece and Rome, being touched by an individual with a hunchback or touching a hunchback was said to bring good luck. The notion lingered into the modern era in various ways.

For instance, some baseball clubs employed hunchbacked individuals as mascots in the mid-1900s. Also, some Italians utilize a lucky charm known as ‘Gobbo’.

The charm depicts a well-dressed man with a hunchback. For Italian bettors, it is a famous gambling tradition to carry this charm with themselves while betting.

•          Touching Shoulders

In any Chinese guide to gambling famous superstitions you will find this one. It is viewed as unlucky while you are betting as indicated by the Chinese. It is believed that if you touch shoulders while you are playing you will lose cash in that specific game.

•          Whistling In The Casino


Other players should think and speak with a dealer, so they don’t need your most noticeably awful impression of a songbird in their ear. As indicated by many betting legends, whistling shouldn’t be something you enjoy as it means that things are going a little too well with the betting at that point.

Better to keep those lips sealed and internalize the little victories that you are getting a charge out of. If you are making a list of gambling practices, don’t put this one in it.

•          Get A Mojo Bag

This one of our list of gambling odd notions is homegrown, having started in nineteenth-century New Orleans. Essentially, a mojo bag is a flannel sack loaded up with lucky objects and herbs. If your mojo bag is loaded up with the correct mix, you won’t ever lose!

•          No Dogs At The Table

Some time ago when card games were played in the back of a bar, as opposed to the stylish, impressive surrounds of the gambling club floor, it was considered incredibly unlucky to allow a canine buddy anyplace near the table. This could be identified with the old ‘Black Dog’ myth, an hunting phantom connected with death, sorrow, and all-around wretchedness.

You’d think any individual who gets tied up with this notion of our guide to famous gambling and casino superstitions would flee shouting at whatever point they see one of C.M. Coolidge’s celebrated series of oil paintings of art, Dogs Playing Poker – think about all the cash being lost at that table!

•          Washing Your Hands

This notion begins from old China—like by far most of them—is as yet the most well-known casino tradition after such countless hundreds of years. Numerous card sharks across the globe put stock in it. When you wash your hands you change the course of your luck, which is marvelous if you are losing; simply scrub your hands until they hurt.

Then again, on the off chance that you are as of now winning—regardless of how smudged your hands might be—you should avoid the sink for as far as might be feasible; or basically, wash them twice? We don’t know about the specific rules on this one.

•          Pregnant Woman Brings Luck


This casino custom begins in the Philippines. Pregnant women were viewed as carriers of good luck to the club. Their luck doesn’t simply influence them; it influences the individuals who touch or rub their belly while they are in the club. They believe that pregnant women drive off bad energy and welcome good luck. It may not be common in this part of the world, but it is an aged long betting notion.

•          Books And Shoulders

Are you trying to write a guide to casino famous superstitions? Check this one. In case you’re betting with somebody from China, there are two things you shouldn’t do. In the first place, never touch their shoulders (as said previously). Second, never talk about books. Their word for book sounds similar to their word for losing, and this kind of rhyming design is taken very seriously by numerous Chinese people (it’s additionally the reason behind why eight is lucky there since it rhymes with their word for fortune).

•          Ins And Outs

Chinese individuals are primarily superstitious about betting. What’s more, it’s simply not kept to their clothing and propensities, yet additionally their bodies. As indicated by the Chinese players believed in casino notions, a concave naval is extraordinarily prosperous. They believe that the cash comes to individuals with innie belly buttons. The dipped shave of the naval means better luck at winning a wager.

So the next time you go to a club, make sure to check your belly button. Fortunately, a great many people around the globe are honored with an inwards belly button. For the rest 10% of the population, well, you’re all alone.

•          Having Affair Before Playing

It’s additionally believed by numerous circumspect speculators that having sex preceding a game will wreck their both mental and actual wellness. Indeed, there might be a bit of a point in this approach: Having a sexual relationship requires a specific level of effort, and once the would-be players exert a lot of energy, they will be excessively depleted out to utilize the specialty of bluffing at the poker table or count the cards while playing blackjack. So exclude this one from your list of casino practices.

•          Lucky Partners

Lucky Partners


Aside from wearing luck charms and playing out certain superstitious rituals to improve winning chance, there is likewise the act of going to the gambling club with a partner to get extra luck. Presumably, the blend of positive energies from an individual and other luck charms prompt the betting divine beings to bring more positive results to the bettors. Such a shiny star among casino odd notions!

•          Touch Wood

Give the table a couple of taps with your knuckles before putting down your wagers or taking your cards. The most well-known is not difficult to see, for instance, the renowned horse shoe, or the lucky elephant. Nonetheless, a few dealers claim that normal players regularly wear a particular garment, like a specific shirt, in which they feel luckier.

The truth of the matter is that the doors, seats, and other wooden components get their attention from these players. The source is in the old belief that trees have a soul and this shields you from bad luck on the off chance that you touch it. It is among the most famous gambling and casino superstitions.

•          Don’t Shave

A famous gambling tradition in India proposes that if a man shaves on a Tuesday, he is shouting for bad luck to be given to him. Washing your hair on Thursdays and trimming your nails on Tuesdays or Saturdays additionally isn’t too acceptable.

•          Belief In Feng Shui

Chinese individuals in general believe in Feng Shui; they are persuaded the world is loaded up with force (Chi), which can be controlled through the art of placement. In this way, Chinese players, based on their gambling custom, are extremely touchy concerning how club floors are organized. Besides, they will in general avoid main entrances since they believe entrances are reviled by Feng Shui masters.

•          Shroud Your Lottery Tickets

Shroud Your Lottery Tickets


One unequivocal offbeat action in Malta is disguising lottery tickets so that curse not to come to them. This conviction most likely comes from avoiding the scourge of the hostile gaze. They believe it, so you will find it in their guide to gambling famous superstitions.

•          Smoking Vultures’ Brains

Among the most strange gambling practices around is one that begins in South Africa. As indicated by local professionals of conventional multi medicine and magic, the smoking of dried vulture brains will grant visions of things to come, which is viewed as a help for players that will improve their fortunes. This has prompted more players and club attendees to attempt this abnormal practice, hopeful of seeing a winning future for themselves.

The practice itself is hardly fortune for the helpless vultures, in any case, for certain species close to extinction as indicated by an article distributed by the Scientific American. In 2010 it was estimated that the Cape vulture and Bearded vulture have both seen their numbers tumble to under 400 breeding pairs. This is a baseless and silly notion that needs to end.

•          Feed Baby Ghost

This is an old Chinese gambling notion. It’s believed that there is a child ghost that lives behind the betting table and that feeding the ghost sugar as an offering before you bet will give you the best of luck. Be sure not to bother the dealer by tossing sugar everywhere on their table. This is one of the slightly stranger betting notions.

•          A Broken Mirror

If you are going to a club or a card room and a mirror in your home or anywhere close to you breaks – you ought to defer betting. Based on gambling odd notions, a broken mirror will bring bad luck to you and is viewed as a terrible sign.

•          A Black Cat

A Black Cat


If you are en route to a club and a black cat crosses your road or path, you ought not to go to the gambling club and return home. Most players have in their famous gambling and casino superstitions that black cats bring them bad luck. This notion isn’t simply identified with betting, it is even accepted by individuals in the general world as well. It is believed that black cats are witches that bring bad luck.

•          Table Temperature

Based on this casino tradition, if the table is hot, there’s a big prize near by that will explode at any second. If it is cold, there isn’t anything to acquire. This conviction has spread through the game rooms of the most famous gambling clubs fascinatingly and some are not shocked to see players touch tables as though it were the first time they saw a wooden table with legs to hold it before enjoying.

•          Break Some Plates

It is the common knowledge that Greek wedding customs see relatives crush plates as a promising sign for the new family. The custom is essentially a symbol of good luck and consequently has brought about numerous Greeks crushing plates before they enter a club as a casino custom.

•          Spill Some Water

Some Serbian players have it in their guide to casino famous superstitions that it is amazingly lucky to have somebody spill water behind you. It is thought that the cool, smooth that is water will help you slide into a path of fortune.

•          Black Cat Oil

Black Cat Oil


In eighteenth and nineteenth-century New Orleans, numerous individuals had confidence in a people’s magic framework known as hoodoo, which is as yet practiced today. Back then, professionals created various oils and powders that were believed to have magical impacts.

One of those was Black Cat Oil, which was made by boiling a black cat with various herbs. It was said to carry good luck to players, so it was among casino practices. Present-day variants incorporate a couple of hairs from a living black cat, herbs, and bits of lodestone.

•          Dirty Clothes

One casino notion that a variety of places across the world will reveal to you is that wearing a piece of grimy garments will help you at the games. It’s difficult to envision what the source of this thought was initially, but the story is that it’ll assist with warding off bad luck.

While dirty socks probably won’t be too bad, we don’t think we can suggest wearing a dirty shirt or pants, particularly in case you will be sitting close to others. Nevertheless, if their solace is less essential to you than the chance of getting an additional edge, at that point by all methods smell it up.

•          Magic Spells

Some card sharks, believed in casino odd notions, attempt to improve their chances of winning utilizing magic spells and preparing potions. There is a considerable amount of these abracadabra used to improve luck by bettors and others. Instances of magic charms regularly applied to improve opportunities and trigger wealth, abundance, and prosperity are Wiccan Money Gold charm, Wiccan gambling photo potion, and lady luck.

•          Wishing Well Fortune

Players regularly do this action of our guide to famous gambling and casino superstitions before they participate in a play with an enormous payout. It doesn’t include any confound practice. Simply go to a fountain and throw up a coin in the wake of making your wishes. Alternatively, you can do likewise in any body of water (except a pond) close to the wagering hall you want to bet in.

Although numerous gambling club customers enjoy this demonstration, no one can say with certainty if it is viable. Given this, there is the likelihood that it works. If you want to give this a trial, don’t go through the entirety of your coins.

Bottom Line

Bottom line


As should be obvious, some things never change. Individuals can switch the strategy for betting, yet they cannot change their old habits and physiological attributes. The person who was superstitious while betting in a customary gambling club carried it with him to an online one. For individuals who are into betting notions, it doesn’t make any difference if they’re betting from their homes or on their telephones; they have their own famous gambling and casino superstitions. The already set up convention of betting notions should be respected paying little heed to environmental factors, and we believe it’s great.

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