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Hedge Bets Craps strategy – Hedge Bets wagering system

Hedge Bets Craps strategy - Hedge Bets wagering system


Hedge Bets Craps strategy – Hedge Bets wagering system

Hedge Bets Craps strategy – Hedge Bets wagering system

Want to exploit your bets? The Hedge Bets wagering system is for you. Here you’ll learn how to use the Hedge Bets Craps strategy.

The unpredictability of results in casino games like roulette and craps is what makes these games exciting. This parameter alongside the lack of control from players’ part over changing the outcomes exposed gamblers’ money to risk, thus to enhance their winning chance, gamblers have no choice but to use wagering strategies. If you are a craps player and need a system to proceed your session with, the Hedge Bets wagering system explained in this article of is for you.

Hedge Bets Craps strategy and all you need to know about it

The famous Iron cross craps strategy is what many craps players implement in their sessions, but what is clear is that to wager efficiently one shouldn’t rely on just one wagering system since game’s results change. If the Hedge Bets wagering system is what you need to use with other strategies, pursue this passage.

What is the Hedge Bets strategy?

What is the Hedge Bets strategy?


Hedge Bets system is done when wagering is parted to 2 smaller wagers to decrease your chances of losing. Even though some people will not suggest Hedge Bets system, it is a convenient procedure to help you win small prizes and stay in the game longer with a small initial cash sum. Craps Hedge Bets method is typically utilized in the come-out roll.

The vary Reality about the Hedge Bets strategy

There has been a great deal of buzz around that the Hedge Bets method was concocted by the virtuosos of Las Vegas. At the point when these individuals were not at job advancement technology, they were trying different systems of craps. They consolidated numerical counts in the craps game, and grew a particularly extraordinary framework where they will steadily push forward of the croupiers of the Las Vegas club.

They acted in a mysterious mode to remain under the radars of the gambling club. Unfortunately, this method passed to some other players and this group of trailblazers would never be found. Indeed, even today their personalities stay baffling.

The use of Hedge Bets framework is exceptionally normal in the online craps game. As said above, a hedge bet is done by parting a single wager into two separated wagers. The primary aim behind this is to boost the winning odds and hold the player of craps for a more extended time-frame. The extra wager that is made can terminate the first one. There isn’t much money associated with this, but it is, at last, a benefit and can get you in a decent line.

How does the Hedge Bets strategy work in Craps?

How does the Hedge Bets strategy work in Craps?


The Hedge Bets framework is a genuinely famous strategy among craps and roulette players and it alludes to the style of play where speculators make certain wagers to cover up the shortcomings of other wagers. Hedging in gambling is wagering in such a style with the goal that you can offset and balance the risks of your past wagers. With the Hedge Bets methodology, craps players attempt to safeguard themselves against loss.

In specific situations, hedge bets are extremely fruitful yet in others, they may not be compelling at saving players’ cash. One of the most normally utilized strategies for hedge betting is to make the Pass Line and hedge it with the Any Craps wager. This is normally done before the come-out roll – 5 units are bet on the Pass Line and a 1-unit wager is made on the Any Craps.

The Pass Line wins with 7 and 11, paying 1:1, while the other bet wins with 2, 3, or 12, paying at 7:1 odds. There are a few potential results from this Hedge Bets methodology:

  • 2, 3, or 12 on the come-out roll – Players lose 5 units from the Pass Line wager yet win 7 units from the Any Craps for a benefit of 2 units.
  • 7 or 11 on the come-out roll – The Pass Line wins 5 units, while the Any Craps loses 1 unit for a general benefit of 4 units.
  • The roll establishes a point – Players lose 1 unit from the Any Craps wager and the Pass Line stays working for the resulting rolls.

On the off chance that a result is resolved in the come-out roll, players will wind up with a benefit. Notwithstanding, more often than not, the dice will roll one of the point numbers. Based on the probabilities of the game, 7 or 11 will appear an average of 8 times in 36 rolls, contrasted with 4 times for the craps numbers. The shooter will toss a point number 24 times in 36 rolls on average – this implies 24 losses for the Any Craps wager, also.

In general, players who embrace the Hedge Betting framework are expected to win 16 units for each 36 come-out rolls. If they don’t make the Any Craps wager, they will wind up a 36-come out cycle with 8 wins of 5 units, 4 losses of 5 units, and 24 unresolved rolls. This implies that their general benefit will be 20 units – more than they are expected to win with the hedge wagers.

Obviously, there are different alternative approaches to hedge your principle wagers and some are better in protecting the Pass Line or the Come wager than others. Nonetheless, even if the can balance out certain shortcomings, extra risk will consistently emerge. This is the reason Hedge Bets betting system in Craps or any other casino game is suggested for more experienced players who have more profound knowledge on the game and know precisely what they are risking.

How to use the Hedge Bets strategy in Craps?

Now lets have an example of using the Hedge Bets betting system in Craps. To make the hedge, you need to initially put down a pass line wager, suppose of $10. You at that point likewise make a $2 wager on the any craps. If the shooter tosses 2 – 3 or 12, you lose your $10 pass line wager, but win $14 for the any craps wager. If the shooter tosses some other number, the $2 any craps wager will be lost.

Another choice is to utilize the craps hedge for the point and the don’t pass line. To do this kind of wager, you originally wager $10 on the Don’t Pass line. Now the shooter rolls a 6, and this number turns into the point. At that point you make a place wager on the six for $6, so you are covered both ways. If the following roll is 7, you will win $10 for the Don’t Pass wager and will lose $6 for the place wager. If the shooter rolls a 6, you lose your $10 and gather $7 for your place wager.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hedge Bets Craps strategy

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hedge Bets Craps strategy


Since you have answers to the inquiries of “what is the Hedge Bets strategy?” and “how to use the Hedge Bets strategy in Craps?” lets examine the advantages and disadvantages of the Hedge Bets Craps system explained. Like any other betting procedure, this framework likewise has its ups and downs.

The Hedge Bets Craps strategy may be a decent alternative when playing craps. This will bring down the volatile nature of the game yet decreases your winning chances. The Hedge Bets wagering system will diminish all down spells that could drain your bankroll. The solitary disadvantage of this wagering system is that you might have fewer winnings contrasted with what you can acquire without hedge wagers.

Does the Hedge Bets Craps system work?

The models above show the simple rationale of hedging your wagers with other wagers, much smaller, but with great payouts (if these hedge wagers win). The single issue of hedging your wagers is that no one can tell if it will work.

Also, such hedge wagers are poor wagers, with a significant level of the house edge. With the Any Craps wager, the house edge is 11.10%! However, the Pass Line wager has just a 1.41% house edge. All in all, the players who think they are keen and skillful, and like to make hedge wagers, should ask: is it a smart thought to protect a decent wager with a poor one? In the short run, it may pay off, yet over the long haul, making many poor bets is anything but a smart thought.

Bottom line

Bottom line


The Hedge Bets Craps strategy should only be utilized on the off chance that you are essentially attempting to remain in game for a more extended time-frame. On the off chance that you want to win cash, you would prefer not to begin hedging your wager since all a hedge wager does is cut into your wins. The Hedge Bets wagering system will make your losses less, yet the bottom line is that you are as yet losing cash.

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