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Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy – Hi-Lo counting system


Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy – Hi-Lo counting system

Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy – Hi-Lo counting system

Whatever is frown upon is enjoyable, so as the Hi-Lo counting system, but how can we use the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. This casino game has many variants, and an array of strategies have been designed for it. Now if you like to play it for fun, you don’t need to focus so much on using strategies, but if making money is your goal, using a strategy or a combination of them is imperative. One of these frameworks that can help you in this regard is the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy explained in this article of

Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy and its features

Using the best blackjack strategies and tricks is one of the several approaches available to you for increasing your winning chance. There are also ways that are frown upon by casinos, but are used by players. The Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy is one of these effective ways. If you want to learn how to use it, pursue this passage.

What is the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy?


Hi-Lo blackjack counting system is believed to be one of the widely utilized counting frameworks which are adequate both for fledglings and progressed players of blackjack. It will be your most ideal choice at any rate and is used by all acclaimed blackjack groups (like MIT group or Tommy Hyland’s group) for winning.

Hi-Lo blackjack counting system implies High-Low or Plus-Minus: this counting framework was first proposed by Harvey Dubner, the mathematician, and was developed by notable blackjack master Edward Thorp who was viewed as the father of the card counting system for blackjack games.

How does the Hi-Lo card counting strategy work in blackjack?

Players should utilize a card-counting framework in gambling clubs just relying on the prerequisite that they feel sufficiently certain and know the framework inside and out. The Hi-Lo blackjack counting method is impressively simple to get a handle on as it is level one, which implies that it is more rearranged than the rest of the methodologies.

The primary thing players need to do when they join a table is to attempt to concentrate so they can begin monitoring the cards at the earliest opportunity possible. It is fundamental for them to begin the counting from the earliest starting point as the last count won’t be so precise. They need to count the cards with their allocated value or as such to add or take away one.

The count should help them settle on better choices for their wagers by allowing them the chance to change them as per it. Players should remember that when the count has a positive worth, they are in a profitable position and need to capitalize on it by expanding their wager. In a similar sense, when the count is negative, they don’t have the edge and should shun themselves putting higher bets.

Card counting systems like Hi-Lo blackjack counting method give such important data and it is fundamental for players to realize how to profit from them and keep themselves from losing cash.

A brief history behind the Hi-Lo strategy

A brief history behind the Hi-Lo strategy


The Hi-Lo blackjack counting framework was first spearheaded in 1963 by Harvey Dubner, who noticed that the deck’s high cards (Ace through Ten) will in general support the player, while low cards (Deuce through Six) are of more noteworthy advantage to the dealer. In particular, the House Edge is 4% or more when the deck’s supply of high cards is drained. Then again, the player has a preferred position of 4% or better when the accessibility of high cards is incredible.

Dubner started following the removal of high and low cards from the deck during play. By knowing which circumstance applied before betting, he could build his wagers when the deck was moderately “rich” in high cards, which is valid for around 33%, everything being equal, and limit his bets for 33% of the deals when it was “poor.” The rest of the deals falls someplace in the middle.

He likewise discovered there was no compelling reason to monitor the middle cards (Seven through Nine), which are moderately immaterial as respects their impact on the House Edge. The issue is that a couple of players of normal IQ can review what individual cards have been played, particularly when blackjack includes multiple decks and encompassing distractions. Yet, luckily, Dubner thought of a basic technique (the Hi-Lo blackjack counting framework), so no photographic memory is required.

How to use the Hi-Lo card counting strategy in blackjack?

The Hi-Lo blackjack counting methodology is regularly depicted as this enchanted system that is simply open to numerical prodigies. However, this isn’t accurate. Beneath we clarify the theory behind the frenzy in four straightforward steps and looking at the situation objectively sensibly, it bodes well.

Stage 1: get familiar with the values allocated to cards

The Hi-Lo blackjack counting methodology allots explicit values to each card accessible in blackjack. You need to consider these values, as it is fundamental for utilizing this procedure viably. Here are the values:

Card Value
A -1
K -1
Q -1
J -1
10 -1
9 0
8 0
7 0
6 +1
4 +1
3 +1
2 +1

Stage 2: start your count

Values are appointed to cards since you will utilize counts to settle on wagering choices while using the Hi-Lo blackjack card checking methodology. At the point when you join a table, you start your “running count” at 0. As cards are dealt in each game, you either increment or reduce your count. For instance, if you are dealt a three and five and, at that point get six on a hit, your running count would be +3.

Stage 3: deciding true count

Life would be such a lot more straightforward if gambling clubs just utilized one deck of cards in blackjack games, but that would be excessively risky for them. Along these lines, when you count cards, you need to factor in the number of decks utilized in a game to get an exact sign of whether to make a wager.

The formula for figuring true count while using the Hi-Lo blackjack card checking methodology is:

Running count/Number of decks

For instance, on the off chance that you have a running count of 16 and eight decks are being utilized in the game, the true count is 2. This is the place where numerous players hoping to figure out how to card count get put off because they think the number juggling will be hard. Yet, it isn’t so essential to have an accurate figuring. You need an overall comprehension of what is happening.

Stage 4: modifying your wagers

You ought to change your wager on the figure you get for your true count. The bigger the true count, the more you should wager. The amount you wager is subject to you. By and large, you ought to set the minimum and maximum wagering limits before you begin playing any betting game, so work on that.

You can utilize a famous wagering framework if that makes things simpler for you. We’d avoid negative progressive frameworks since they as a rule lead players to settle on terrible choices.

We’d likewise try not to utilize the patterns characterized by Stanford Wong, Don Schlesinger, and Edward Thorp. Keep in mind, if you can purchase a blackjack book, so can gambling club proprietors. The greater part of the patterns delineated by these specialists have been around since the 1970s. Along these lines, clubs have contemplated them and realize what to search for in players utilizing them.

The Hi-Lo blackjack card tallying methodology at multi-deck tables

The Hi-Lo blackjack card tallying methodology at multi-deck tables


The second that a player should build his wagers with the Hi-Lo blackjack card tallying methodology relies upon the number of decks contained in your Blackjack table’s shoe. For instance, if the initial six cards dealt by the dealer are low value, the all-out count will be six, regardless of whether the shoe contains a solitary deck of cards or several.

Be that as it may, the favorable position isn’t the equivalent because, in the subsequent case, there are more cards. Thus, you should utilize a framework to decide the true count. To do this, part the all-out count by the number of decks utilized in the shoe. This permits you to weight the preferred position.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy

Now that you have answers to the questions of “what is the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy?” and “how to use the Hi-Lo card counting strategy in blackjack?”, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the high-low blackjack card counting system.

Advantages of the Hi-Lo card counting system in blackjack

  • While the house edge is constant over the long haul, giving you play amazing basic system, for individual hands this edge can change quickly and can go in the players’ favor by using the Hi-Lo blackjack counting system explained. As your count goes up there is a bigger number of 10-value cards and aces left in the shoe, which implies the player has a more prominent favorable position in the impending hands.
  • Aces are solid because there is the adaptability with playing them, as they can be valued as 1 or 11 and they can help make blackjack, which ordinarily pays out at 3/2. Then 10-value cards can likewise including blackjack, and the basic procedure is more right with a greater number of 10s in the deck, as it assumes the following card drawn will consistently be a 10.
  • If you wager as per your true count while using the Hi-Lo blackjack counting system explained, you will bet more when the odds are in support of yourself and less when they are against you.

Disadvantages of the Hi-Lo card counting system in blackjack

  • As the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy is the most ordinarily utilized technique it is likewise the one which the club employees are looking out for the most. While it is rare that the dealer will count himself, harsh swings in wagering patterns can cause the floor staff and surveillance cameras to focus more on what’s going on. Therefore, while you can exploit your edge more by wagering higher you should practice restriction all together not to be gotten out.
  • To utilize the Hi-Lo counting system successfully you will most likely have to rehearse away from the tables to accurately convert your running count into a true count. Numerous players tumble down with regards to completing this computation while using the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy, a mix-up costs them essentially. If you are attempting to do this, at that point you might need to investigate comparative frameworks like the KO Count, which doesn’t need a true count.
  • At last, like any card counting framework, the Hi-Lo counting system won’t chip away at tables with nonstop shufflers or on the web, where the cards are viably shuffled before each hand. You will likewise need to keep away from dealers who are shuffling the shoe regularly, which means you won’t have the option to keep a precise count.

Grouping of the Hi-Lo framework

Grouping of the Hi-Lo framework


As of now demonstrated, the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy is a level one framework that is viewed as decently simple to learn and comprehend. Indeed, even novices can exploit the precision it offers whenever applied effectively which makes it one of the most utilized systems around the world. It likewise has a place with the classification of the alleged balanced systems, alongside Omega II, Hi-Opt II, and others.

The term balanced system implies that if players somehow happened to count the entirety of the cards in the deck, toward the end it would be zero. It is vital to know whether the counting framework being used is balanced or unbalanced as this is an extraordinary source for valuable data. For example, if the count is positive, the deck is wealthy in high value cards and on the off chance that it is negative – in low value ones.

It merits referencing that in balanced card counting systems like the Hi-Lo counting system to get more precise data, players need to convert the running count into true count.

Books about Hi-Lo card counting

Maybe the best book for learning the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy is Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp. It was the first Hi-Lo book ever published, making it the spot to begin when beginning to figure out how to count cards. Coordinated in simple graphs, this book makes dominating the principles of blackjack workable for even normal players.

A couple of other books offer bits of knowledge to both blackjack and the Hi-Lo counting system, like 109 Critical Blackjack Statistics and Strategies by Curt Dillon or The Ultimate Edge by Mark Billings. Both cover a few blackjack systems just as the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy.

Would it be a good idea for you to utilize the Hi-Lo framework?

Would it be a good idea for you to utilize the Hi-Lo framework?


All in all, the Hi-Lo counting system isn’t imperfect. There are a couple of more rules associated with wagering alternatives that we have foreseen here which facilitates decision makings on individual hands. Be that as it may, you ought to get better returns from rehearsing the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy as we delineated it above. For the most part, blackjack experts don’t utilize the Hi-Lo counting system.

They like more professional procedures. Yet, this procedure ought to be sufficient to give you an edge in a normal game. At last, it is fundamental to recall two things about any type of card counting. Initially, it’s anything but an ensured winning technique. You are yet gambling when you play blackjack, regardless of what framework you use.

Furthermore, for the best outcomes, you need to join card counting with basic strategy. All things considered, it is anything but a smart thought to build your wager on a hand, highlighting a complete score of six, regardless of whether you some way or another have a high score. This is simply a sound judgment.

Does the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy work?

The Hi-Lo counting system is a phenomenal framework for new card counters and is an extraordinary method to slip yourself into the universe of card counting and improve your chances of succeeding at blackjack. As all card counting amateurs know, a shoe with many high cards is positive for the player, as he gets more opportunity to have a blackjack and the dealer has more possibility of busting.

The more cards dealt and tallied, the more exact the blackjack Hi-Lo Count technique is. Blackjack rules have no guarantees, as it wouldn’t be gambling if there were, anyway the utilization of blackjack techniques can improve your odds, and give you a superior possibility of winning. With the Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy, you will know when the shoe is wealthy in high cards and you will build your wager size contingent upon such a count. Also, the other way around when the deck is low in rich cards.

We know the gambling club consistently has the edge in blackjack, so on the off chance that you supplement the Hi-Lo counting system to the basic strategy, you will get the most extreme edge, dispense with the house edge and even give yourself an edge. Clubs make their benefit because of this edge, which means if you somehow happened to acquire an edge, it is ensured to make you cash over the long haul.

Bottom line

Bottom line


The Hi-Lo blackjack counting strategy is likely the least demanding and most basic card counting framework being used, and it’s ideal for novices. On the off chance that you choose you to need to have a go at counting cards, the Hi-Lo system is most likely the best spot to begin. You get an edge with a simple strategy for ascertaining the relative proportion of high cards to low cards in the deck.

You should simply add 1 and deduct 1 at the fitting occasions. Then you convert that running count into a true count. The true count is the thing that decides the amount you should wager per hand. The improved probability of having more cash in action whenever you have a superior possibility of getting dealt a blackjack and the relating 3 to 2 payout is the place where you get your edge.

The Hi-Lo technique isn’t the awesome for illuminating changes to your basic strategy choices, but that is not where the vast majority of your edge comes from in any case. Indeed, even experienced advantage players like David Sklansky suggest utilizing the Hi-Lo counting system for counting cards in blackjack.

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