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How to Play Spanish 21 – A premium guide

How to Play Spanish 21; A premium guide


How to Play Spanish 21 – A premium guide

How to Play Spanish 21 – A premium guide

Blackjack has many variants, and one of its favorite types is Spanish 21. In this article, we wish to teach you how to play Spanish 21.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. This exciting game has many types. Although almost a similar foundation is shared between them, there are some subtle features to each kind that make it unique. Spanish 21 also has its unique features, and if you want to be a winner in this game, you must master all of them. In this article of, we will show you how to play Spanish 21. Follow us if you want to win.


Spanish 21 is an adaptation of blackjack and has many followers. If you like Spanish culture and like to play blackjack’s Spanish version, continue reading this passage.

What is Spanish 21?

What is Spanish 21? 


Spanish 21 or Spanish Blackjack is a definitive Blackjack variety that consolidates a Blackjack game’s energy with a slot machine’s various payoffs. Spanish 21 resembles customary 21 (blackjack) with more choices, giving more fun and more approaches to wins.

If you want to know how to how to play Spanish 21 and look for the very answer of the question of “What is Spanish 21?”, you ought to know that the game of Spanish Blackjack is played with Spanish decks. A Spanish deck comprises 48 cards; 2–9, J, Q, K, A; no number 10 cards. All cards count at face value aside from Kings, Queens, and Jacks, which consistently count 10 and aces, which you can count either 11 or 1.

Spanish blackjack is very like regular Blackjack, and you should remember that you have ‘surrender’ or ‘rescue’ choices. You will also have no 10’s, so recollect the bit of leeway on the House. The last significant distinction is the option of bonuses and higher payouts. However, let the dealers stress that since they recall every one of those payouts – except if you wish to learn them by heart -.

In this guide to play Spanish 21 we show you how to make your initial wagers and side wagers whenever wanted. Get your cards, and either surrender, split, double, hit, or stand. When you compare with the dealer’s hand, you’ll have the option to check whether you have lost, pushed, or won the hand. As a part of the Spanish 21 rules, the dealer should tell you about the bonuses and payouts if you can’t recollect.

How does Spanish 21 differ from blackjack?

If you are eager to learn how to play Spanish 21, you must first find answer(s) to the question of “How does Spanish 21 differ from blackjack?” Well, when you know about Blackjack, evaluating Spanish 21 can be somewhat puzzling the first time through around. The blackjack and Spanish 21 rules are the same, yet there may be a couple of varieties in various online clubs. Do many individuals regularly ask that between these two blackjack variations which have better odds, Blackjack or Spanish 21? so know let’s see how does Spanish 21 differ from blackjack?

Low House Edge

In Spanish 21, when the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17, the house edge would be around 0.4%. A house edge this low is one of the points of interest that make individuals love the game. Scarcely would you have the option to discover any blackjack game in an online gambling club with a house edge less than half a percent.

As one of the Spanish 21 rules, on the off chance that the dealer hits a soft 17, you can double when playing on a similar hand. This choice brings the house edge to as low as when the dealer remains on a soft 17. We will cover about this more on our guide to play Spanish 21.

Think about this similarity. You have a 5 and a 3 as cards, and the dealer has a 6 card facing up. On the off chance that you double down and get a 2 card, you would now have a sum of 10, which helps another double down. You can even slide out another wager and double down once more.

21 Always Wins in Spanish 21

In the European Blackjack, playing a 21 ought to be a success, yet it is regardless baffling if the dealer is playing a 21 too. In the European Blackjack, if you tie the dealer with 21, it would be a push.

As one of the Spanish 21 rules,  in this game when you get an aggregate of 21, it would consistently be a success. It doesn’t make a difference if both you and the dealer have a natural blackjack. It would, in any case, be a win. In any case, it’s harder to get a 21 in Spanish blackjack since it does not have the 10’s cards.

Doubling Any Number of Cards

What makes the house edge in Spanish 21 so low is that you can double down in any beneficial circumstance. Spanish 21 rules specify that you can double down on any number of cards. It holds an enormous advantage over European blackjack rules. Ordinarily, you can double down your initial two cards in a regular Blackjack.

For example, when dealt one ace and a medium card or low card, or only two low cards, you should pick another card. If your next card gives you an aggregate of 11 or 10, at that point, you have a superior possibility of drawing a total between 18 and 21.

Spanish 21 chart

spanish 21 chart

Credit: casinostrategy

If you are keen on Spanish 21, we propose you to utilize subsequently Spanish 21 chart. This Spanish 21 chart greatly helps you to draw a clear picture of the game in your mind.

Spanish 21 odds, payouts and house edge

In this guide to play Spanish 21 we also covered the Spanish 21 odds, payouts and house edge. Remembered that Spanish 21 odds play key roles in your winning. These are as follow:

  • A 5-card 21 pays 3 to 2, a 6-card 21 pays 2 to 1, and 7-card or higher 21 pays 3 to 1. This bonus doesn’t count on the off chance that you have recently doubled.
  • A hand comprising of 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of mixed suits pays 3 to 2; whenever fit, it pays 2 to 1. Both of these hands with all Spades pays 3 to 1. Once more, this doesn’t count if you have recently doubled.
  • A suited 7-7-7 when the dealer has a 7 face up pays $1,000 if your wager is somewhere in the range of $5 and $24, and an astounding $5,000 Super Bonus if your stake was $25 more. And if you want to know how to play Spanish 21 online, you better know that If you are playing live with other players, they will get a $50 ‘Envy Bonus’ if this comes in.

You may be thinking the Spanish 21 rules vigorously favor players, and you are right. However, the advantage isn’t as much as you would suspect due to the expulsion of the 10’s from the deck. This tips the house edge in the gambling club’s courtesy by about 2% because the player won’t hit the 21 almost so regularly. Indeed, Spanish 21 has a somewhat preferred anticipated return over classic Blackjack with similar rules, even with this weakness. Now it is time to cover the rules in this guide about how to play Spanish 21 at casino.

Spanish 21 rules

Spanish 21 rules


As we’ve just referenced in this article, in Spanish 21, the club’s escaped all the 10s from the deck. Furthermore, even though this may appear to be an enormous inconvenience for players, the game’s various rule changes make up for their absence in the deck. Beneath, we provide you with a full guide to Spanish 21 rules so you know better how to play Spanish 21 at casino.

Quick rules for Spanish 21:

  • A player’s 21 consistently beats a dealer’s 21
  • A dealer can hit of stand on a soft 17;
  • Some clubs permit redoubling up to 3 times;
  • Late surrender on the initial two cards is allowed;
  • Four ten-spot cards were eliminated from each deck utilized. (Typically, 6 to 8 decks are being used);
  • dealer hits on 16 stands on 17;
  • A player’s 21 likewise consistently wins (even against a dealer blackjack);
  • A total of 21 never pushes against a dealer’s 21;
  • Double after a split is permitted;
  • Players may draw several cards in the wake of splitting aces;
  • Spanish 21 has bonus payouts for hands like 6-7-8 and 5-card 21’s, at times called “Perfect Charlie” (2-3-4-5-7) and for busted Perfect Charlies.

Hit, Stand and Split Rule

In this specific game, the guidelines concerning hitting, standing, and splitting are equivalent to the classic table game’s standards. In particular, you’ll just be permitted to hit, stand, or split whenever after you’ve put down your wager and the dealer has given out an initial hand. Nevertheless, we suggest investigating the Spanish 21 strategy sheet before choosing which move to make. To learn better about how to play Spanish blackjack at casino, follow the rest of our guide to Spanish 21 rules.

Late Surrender Rule

Late surrender permits you to give up your hand late, which implies that you can surrender your hand whenever you lose half of your bet. This is great news for the player; similarly, as in Blackjack Surrender, this standard is exceptionally favorable for the players. Suppose you compute your odds of beating the dealer’s hole card. In that case, you can limit your loses by relinquishing the hand and as yet getting half of your wager back.

Re-splitting Rule

Another extraordinary advantage of playing Spanish 21 is that you are permitted to split aces and re-split and double /re-double in the wake of splitting any pair. The late surrender rule applies after splits and doublings. You may have a ton of cash put resources into one hand; however, if it goes directly to heck, it may be a smart thought to get half of your bet back.

Match the Dealer Side Bet Rule

Other than the standard varieties referenced above in our guide to Spanish 21 rules, Spanish blackjack has typically bonus games, and extra side wagers appended to the regular gameplay. Maybe the most perceived is the Match the Dealer side-wager, which is likewise found in classic Blackjack web-based games. The player wins this wager if either of the preliminary cards coordinates the dealer’s face up card. Notwithstanding, similarly as with most side wagers, these kinds of bets should be maintained a strategic distance from building your odds of winning.

Super Bonus Rule

Spanish 21 is maybe the main Blackjack online variation, which offers a Super Bonus. Furthermore, while the likelihood of hitting the Super Bonus is around 1 out of 668,382 in a six-deck game and 1 out of 549, 188 in every game with 8 decks, the idea of merely having Lady Luck on your side while playing and hitting the Super Bonus is genuinely exciting without a doubt. Some useful information about super bonus and Spanish 21 odds:

  • 6 card 21 pays 2:1
  • 7 card or more 21 pays 3:1
  • A 21 comprising of a 6,7, and 8 (mixed suits) pays 3:2
  • A 21 comprising of a 6,7, and 8 (matching suits) pays 2:1. A 21 comprising of a 6,7, and 8 (all spades) pays 3:1
  • A 21 comprising of three 7’s (fixed suits) pays 3:2
  • A 21 comprising of three 7’s (matching suits) pays 2:1
  • A 21 containing three 7’s (all spades) pays 3:1

You can likewise appreciate the super bonus that applies and pays you whenever dealt three 7’s and the face-up card at the dealer’s hand is also 7. It pays you $1000 on wagers between $5 and $ 14 and pays $5000 for bets over $25. If you know how to play blackjack and have been playing it for a long, at that point, you will adore this game too and won’t think that it’s hard to understand.

Spanish 21 and card counting

Concerning how to play Spanish 21, you also have to know about Spanish 21 and card counting. The presence of bonus payouts for hands made out of sixes, sevens, and eights altogether expands the value of these cards in Spanish 21 contrasted with Blackjack. Then again, it doesn’t have valuable tens. It might appear to be that such redistribution makes card counting wasteful or even pointless.

Anyway, such changes even add to card counting. For specific reasons, which are discussed below, Spanish 21 is more gainful for card counters than Blackjack.

  • An ace is, by all accounts, the most beneficial card. Since there are no tens, it shows up more regularly than in conventional Blackjack (1/12 contrasted and 1/13).
  • In Spanish 21, it is permitted to re-split aces and hit more than one card in the wake of splitting aces. Thats making an ace much more significant for players.
  • Blackjack is paid 3:2 regardless of whether the dealer likewise has Blackjack (because of higher values of aces).
  • Card counters make doubles more regularly than suggested by the basic Spanish 21 strategy if the score arrives at elevated levels. Since Spanish 21 is permitted to double on any number of cards and points, it is genuinely productive for players to count cards under suitable conditions.
  • In the two adaptations of Blackjack, players regularly get two-card hands that in the wake of hitting may frame 21. The basic Spanish 21 strategy says it is vital to stand on a 13-17 against a dealer’s 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 and a 12 if the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6. When the score builds, the player can do nothing else. Investigating the Spanish 21 ideal strategy, you can see that there is a higher number of choices in this game. This reality is perfect for counters, thus in Spanish 21 card counting is not that bad.
  • Numerous clubs don’t regard Spanish 21 as a game reasonable for card counting, so gamblers may effectively work with wagers without fearing how these foundations may presume them in card counting. Overall, there is no compelling reason to conceal their exercises, which is mandatory for counters in conventional Blackjack.
  • Incidentally, in Spanish 21 card counting doesn’t function as well as it does in the conventional game. You need a significant wager spread (as much as 30 to 10) just to get a half-percent edge with card counting. You can, notwithstanding, diminish the gambling club’s advantage marginally with a more conservative wagering spread.

How to play Spanish 21 online

How to play Spanish 21 online


Now it is time to learn how to play Spanish 21 online. In some online club, Spanish 21 is played with 8 decks. The player can take insurance if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. Spanish 21 is hole card game. The dealer checks for Blackjack if his face-up card is an ace or a 10-value card before the player makes his ordinary moves. Regarding how to play Spanish 21 online, the player’s online Spanish 21 rules are as per the following.

  • The player can double on any number card and double after a split. He can re-double once.
  • As one of the online Spanish 21 rules, the player can split thrice to make four hands. Aces can be re-split, and the player can draw and double to split aces. The player can likewise split unlike 10 value cards. However, this isn’t an acceptable blackjack strategy. There are various standards concerning surrender too. Late surrender is permitted. Players can likewise give up after doubling.
  • The dealer hits on soft 17. However, this standard favors the dealer, but with many rules going in favor of the player, it doesn’t have a general antagonistic effect on the house edge. The house edge is about 0.4%, which is standard for blackjack games. The payouts, aside from the bonus payouts portrayed before, observe the typical blackjack rules. Player’s Blackjack pays at 3 to 2. Other wins pay at even cash. The insurance wager pays at 2 to 1.
  • As one of the online Spanish 21 rules, the bonus payouts offered on five or more card sums of 21 and on the different 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 hands significantly modify the blackjack strategy. On numerous occasions, mainly when the player’s current total is between 14 and 18, the ordinary blackjack strategy would have been to stand. Nevertheless, in Spanish 21, the bonus payout’s fascination makes it advantageous to face the challenge of busting. In this way, players should hit under these conditions.

How to bet on Spanish 21

If you want to know how to bet on Spanish 21, its important to say that wagering in Spanish 21 is much the same as wagering in Blackjack. To start a hand, players must wager at least the table minimum. For instance, at a $3 to $100 table, the minimum wager to play is $3. The player may wager any sum up to the limit of $100.

Players may wager that either or both of their initial two cards will match the dealer’s exposed card. A player who has put the basic bet may make an extra Match-The – Dealer bet at the very least $1.00 and not more than the amount of the player’s basic bet before the first card being dealt for each round of play. Insurance wagers don’t apply to the Match-The-Dealer bet. A Match-The-Dealer bet shall have no bearing on any other bet made by the player.

Also about how to bet on Spanish 21, it is important to know that insurance is offered in Spanish 21 to secure your hand against a dealer blackjack. In most blackjack forms, the insurance payout is even cash, paying 2:q.

However, in Spanish 21, with 4 less 10 value cards for every deck, the chances are moved into the House’s courtesy. Rather than paying out 3:1 to make it an even cash wager, the payout stays at 2:1. This side wager has a house edge of 24%, one of the most exceedingly terrible odds of any game in any gambling club.

Strategy guide to play Spanish 21

Strategy guide to play Spanish 21


Spanish 21 strategy varies significantly from the standard adaptation of the game. This is because of the absence of tens in the deck and bonus payouts. In this part, you will read all about blackjack Spanish 21 strategy. Follow the rundown beneath for the best strategy to win in Spanish 21.

Spanish 21 Strategy with Hard Hands

  • 4 through 8: Always hit
  • 9: Double down against a 6; otherwise, hit
  • 10: Double down against 2 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 11: Always double down
  • 12: Always hit
  • 13: Stand against 6; otherwise, hit
  • 14: Stand against 4, 5, or 6; otherwise, hit
  • 15: Stand against 2 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 16: Stand against 2 through 6; surrender against ace; otherwise, hit
  • 17: Surrender against ace; otherwise, hit
  • 18 and higher: Always stand

Spanish 21 Strategy with Soft Hands

  • A soft hand is one with an ace that can’t bust. Play those hands as per the accompanying guide to blackjack Spanish 21 strategy.
  • Soft 13 and 14: Always hit
  • Soft 15: Double down against 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 16: Double down against 5 and 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 17: Double down against 4 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 18: Stand against 2, 3, 7, and 8. Double down against 4 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 19 and 20: Always stand

Spanish 21 Strategy with Pairs

  • A player dealt a pair may split. The rundown underneath tells the best way to play them.
  • 2s and 3s: Split against 2 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 4s and 5s: Never split
  • 6s: Split against 4, 5, and 6; otherwise, hit
  • 7s: Split against 2 through 7; otherwise, hit
  • 8s: Always split, aside from surrender against an ace
  • 9s: Stand against 2, 7, 10, and ace; otherwise, split
  • 10s: Always stand
  • Aces Always split

Strategy Changes after Hitting

There are several strategy changes once a hand is hit. The explanation that changes is due to the payouts for winning 21 hands and six-card Charlies. The accompanying guide to blackjack Spanish 21 strategy applys to hard hands in the wake of hitting.

  • 10: Hit against 8 on three cards, 7 on four cards, and 2 and 3 on five cards
  • 11: Hit on three cards against 10 or ace, four cards against 2, 7, 8, and 9, and five cards against 3 through 6
  • 13: Hit against a 6 with at least four cards
  • 14: Hit against 4 on four cards and on 5 cards against 5 and 6 cards
  • 15: Hit against a 2 on four cards and 13 through 15 on five cards
  • 16: Hit against 2 through 4 on six cards
  • 17: Hit against 8, 9, or 10 on six cards

A soft hand is a point at which a player has an ace, and the hand can’t bust. Follow the rundown beneath when you hold a hand like this after at least three cards.

  • Soft 15: Hit against 6 on four cards
  • Soft 16: Hit against 5 on three cards and 6 on four cards
  • Soft 17: Hit against 4 on three cards, 5 on four cards, and 6 on five cards
  • Soft 18: Hit on four cards against 2 through 4 and 8 on five cards against 6 and 7
  • Soft 19 and 20: Always hit on 5 cards

Some useful hints on Spanish 21

  • In ordinary Blackjack, the insurance wager is one of the most exceedingly terrible bets to take. The 2/1 on the dealer hitting Blackjack doesn’t verge on matching the genuine odds of that event.
  • In Spanish 21, insurance can be taken. It pays 2/1, regardless of there being four less 10-value cards in each deck. This way, the odds of the dealer having Blackjack have diminished.
  • Truly, odds of 3/1 or 4/1 would need to be offered to make the side wager appealing. This is a side wager to keep away from in Spanish 21.
  • The way to winning Spanish 21 is taking a gander along with the side payouts. The double down is an ideal play in European Blackjack. It can nullify some of the side wagers like the 7-7-7.
  • Low cards are your companion in Spanish 21. With a 3/2 and 2/1 payout offered on 5-card and 6-card hands individually, it’s good to split low pairs and continue hitting on two separate hands. The bonus payouts are the place many of your wins will originate from.
  • Finding an answer to the question of “Which blackjack game has the best odds?”, help you to choose effectively the adaptation that suit your bankroll.

Most frequent questions about Spanish 21

  • What is the house edge of Spanish 21?

This relies upon the rules. Here is a rundown that shows the standard house edge rates for various types of rule sets:

  1. If the dealer must stand at soft 17, the house edge is 0.40%.
  2. If the dealer must hit a soft 17 and double down is permitted, the house edge is 0.42%.
  3. If the dealer must hit a soft 17 and double down isn’t allowed, the house edge is 0.76%.
  4. What’s more, if you are pondering, the match the dealer wager’s house edge is over 3%. Generally, the variation that powers the dealer to stand at soft 17 has the most minimal house edge.
  • Where would I be able to play Spanish 21?

There are loads of online gambling clubs that offer this game – it is a pretty well-known blackjack variation. However, to locate the best gambling club sites, we suggest checking the players’ reviews.

  • Blackjack or Spanish 21? Which one is better?

On the off chance that you are an outright tenderfoot, we suggest beginning with Spanish 21. The two games are good and dependent on nearly similar standards, however as disclosed in this guide to play Spanish 21, the rules of Spanish 21 marginally favor the player.

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