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Iron Cross Craps strategy – Iron Cross betting system

Iron Cross Craps strategy - Iron Cross betting system


Iron Cross Craps strategy – Iron Cross betting system

Iron Cross Craps strategy – Iron Cross betting system

Want a robust format to play Craps? The Iron Cross betting system is for you. Here you’ll learn how to use the Iron Cross Craps strategy.

Craps has many strategies and craps’ players must use a group of them to enhance their winning chance, otherwise, their money is at risk. In this game, results are completely random and players have no control over them, hence using wagering systems is the only way that structures their bet. One of these strategies is the Iron Cross betting system that is explained thoroughly in this article of

All you have to know about the Iron Cross Craps strategy

One of the Craps’ frameworks that is simple to use is the 1-3-2-6 Craps strategy, but using one strategy is not enough, as the game’s condition is variable. If you want to use the Iron Cross betting system along with this strategy, pursue this passage.

What is the Iron Cross strategy?

What is the Iron Cross strategy?


At the point when Craps players put together combination wagers, there are two key things to remember:

  • The house edge is a weighted average of the house edges on all wagers in the combination.
  • The general house edge can never be lower than the best individual wager in the combination.

The subsequent point in some cases brings wonder in veteran craps players who ask, “Shouldn’t something be said about the Iron Cross system?” Regardless of whether you realize how to play Craps, you should keep this methodology in your brain. The Iron Cross system, now and then called Darby’s Field or anything but 7 strategy, is a mix that is said to do the outlandish.

The component wagers with the most minimal house edges are place wagers on 6 and 8, each at a 1.52% edge. However, the combination is said to have a house edge of 1.14%. How could that be valid? The appropriate response is that the 1.14% figure on the Darby’s Field is the house edge per roll, and the place wagers in the combination are multi-roll wagers. On the off chance that you assume all wagers are played until there is a decision, the house edge is 2.37%.

If you will utilize the Iron Cross method carefully without committing mistakes while playing Craps, you get an opportunity to get back home with some additional cash in your wallet.

How does the Iron Cross strategy work in Craps?

Craps is a straightforward club dice game that can appear to be confounding to novices, but is simple whenever you’ve had a couple of games. The thought is basic: players wager on the absolute showed by two dice. On the whole, a ‘Come Out’ roll should be made and a ‘Point’ value set. The Point can be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. The dice are then rolled again until a similar Point – or a 7 – is rolled.

The interaction at that point begins once more. The Iron Cross method, as said above, is a combination bet on two arrangements of numbers: the Field (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12), plus Place bets on 5, 6, and 8 (a Place is a wager that one of these aggregates will show up before a 7).

Viably, every number except the 7 is canvassed in a single bet. If a 7 shows up, you lose everything. If you hit any other aggregate, you win. Here you have the Iron Cross framework’s payouts on the Field and place wagers.

Iron Cross framework’s payouts

  • Field bets

Total covered: 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11

Payout: 1/1

Total covered: 2

Payout: 2/1

Total covered: 12

Payout: 3/1

  • Place bets

Total covered: 6 or 8

Payout: 7/6

Total covered: 5

Payout: 7/5

Keep away from the 7

Keep away from the 7


The Iron Cross methodology is otherwise called “No 7 system.” If a 7 shows up, the entirety of your four bets loses. Most likely, a 7 will come out once in every six rolls. Your chances of losing on a roll are 6 out of 36. When you do get a 7, simply begin once again, and place four bets again to continue to play.

The Iron Cross methodology is for individuals who are alright with putting down multiple wagers and are willing to risk losing several occasions in only one roll of the dice.

How to use the Iron Cross strategy in Craps?

Now lets have an example with the No 7 system. Buy in at a $5 table for at least $200. Make a $5 pass line wager. Whatever the point, back it up with double odds. If the point is 5, 6, or 8 put down a double unit wager on the other two numbers, then a single unit wager in the Field. You will win on any number except the 7. After 2 hits on any of the no-field numbers, take everything down aside from the Pass Line wager with odds.

You will now have at least a $5 benefit (contingent upon the number of field #’s hit) and a Pass Line wager with double odds working. Allow the dice to roll until a decision is made, at that point begin once again. If the point is 4, 9, or 10 simply place the 6 & 8 take 2 hits, and take them down. This gives you a $13 benefit even though the tough Pass Line wager doesn’t hit. If it does, that would be preferable.

Play this way if the table is warm or hot. After two losing rolls in succession, or in case you’re $100 down, drop to single odds and come down after 1 hit on your place numbers. Play this route until you get 2 winning rolls straight, then get back to your original play. Four losing rolls straight, end that session. When you’re $100 ahead, press your odds a unit.

If the 6 & 8’s are hitting, press them a unit and regress to 12, at that point 6 then off. If the Field numbers are coming in, keep on playing the field in the wake of eliminating your place wagers. This is the place where your powers of observation and your ability as a Craps player comes in. Have a fun with it, simply make sure to drop to single odds and one hit after 2 sequential losses or you go down $100 and begin once again.

The No seven system keeps you occupied with rounding up your wins and permits you to remain at the table with a Pass Line wager even after you eliminated your other wagers.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Iron Cross Craps strategy

Advantages and disadvantages of the Iron Cross Craps strategy


Now that you have answers to the questions of “what is the Iron Cross strategy?” and “how to use the Iron Cross strategy in Craps?” let’s discuss the pros and cons of the No seven system.

Advantages of the Iron Cross betting system in Craps

Utilizing the Iron Cross Craps system explained can offer extraordinary experience and can be entirely pleasant, as there are numerous wagers going on simultaneously. The high winning rate is one of the highlights that are considered as the greatest points of interest of the wagering framework. This fundamentally implies that even though the Iron Cross Craps system explained can’t assist the player with beating the house edge, they can in any case create a winning.

Disadvantages of the Iron Cross betting system in Craps

There is one significant issue that can’t be completely defeated about dissecting the Iron Cross Craps strategy. Aside from the way that no wagering procedure can ensure achievement, the fact that the anything but seven strategy is a combination of two different wagers with mid-range house edges can’t be overlooked. By consolidating these wagers together, the house advantage is assessed to about 3.87%, which is certainly not a low edge.

The Iron Cross Variations

For action players, the anything but 7 strategy is great, since you win or lose on every roll of the dice! Nonetheless, there are three varieties of the anything but seven strategy that you should think about trying at the end of your play after you have had your betting “fix” for the evening.

The Three and Done framework

The first variety is truly straightforward. Since your genuine wins accompany field numbers, you can look for that pleasant dash of three sequential field rolls and afterward quit wagering the field. At that point, either pull your place wagers and consider it a night, or continue to work your place wagers until seven-out rolls and afterward quit. It is called the three and done framework.

The Press Till Done framework

The second variety is to begin pressing your place wagers as they roll. Now, you’ll start with a similar bet in the field, yet when 5, 6, or 8 rolls, press the place bet. For example, when the 5 rolls, you’ll press from $5 to $10 and add the $2 leftover to your next field wager (so it is $7 now). If the 6 or 8 rolls, press to $12 and wager the extra $1 with your $5 in the field.

Continue to add the extra payoff from your place bet press to the $5 you regularly bet in the field. Whenever you have pressed a sum of three bets, quit wagering the field. Regardless of how you got to those three bets, going up one unit on every one of the 5, 6, and 8, or any combination, you at this point don’t have anything to do with the field. You’re done there.

Now you should see one more roll and do one of three things. You can take your bets (which presently all out, in any event, $34) down and be finished. Or, you can leave them where they are and continue to take down any payoffs until the shooter sevens-out and be finished. Or you can go wild!

Since you’ve presumably made a benefit effectively, this is an opportunity to have a major evening. On the off chance that you need to risk what you have on the layout, continue to press your place wagers until you have at least three units on each. Continuously take the payoff from any three-unit place wager. At that point continue to play until the shooter sevens-out or stop at that moment with a pleasant win. The Iron Cross strikes once more! It is how the press till done framework works.

The Unbeatable Iron Cross framework

The Unbeatable Iron Cross framework is one that draws a ton of consideration as a result of the name. In actual reality, however, this framework is no more excellent than the first form. The distinction with the Unbeatable Iron Cross is that it “predicts” when a 7 is bound to be rolled.

After the come-out roll has been made and the point is set up the Field and Place Bets are made. This implies that you will adequately be wagering with the Pass Line bettors since they are attempting to maintain a strategic distance from a 7 also. At the point when you win, they win, and the other way around.

You continue reloading your losing wagers like you regularly would in the Iron Cross betting system, yet the distinction happens when the shooter wins. Since the shooter has rolled his point before he rolled a 7, another round starts. Players utilizing the Unbeatable Iron Cross will currently quit reloading their wagers. The thinking behind this is that they “feel” that a 7 is now bound to be rolled.

Is the Iron Cross Craps technique for you?

Is the Iron Cross Craps technique for you?


There is no single wagering system that will work for each player. Some people will feel that the bankroll necessities for the Iron Cross Craps strategy are excessively high. Others won’t be alright with the higher risk factor. By the day’s end, you should choose for yourself what works best.

We think the Iron Cross betting system is a decent procedure for the player that has some involvement in the round of Craps. The novice will be in an ideal situation adhering to the basic Line wagers. This wagering procedure is additionally proposed for the player who will give close consideration to the game.

Does the Iron Cross Craps system work?

On the off chance that gambling clubs offer 1 to 1 Field wager payout, house edge while actualizing “Unbeatable Iron Cross system” is somewhat higher than 3.3%. That is more valuable than following the customary variety of the Iron Cross Craps strategy, yet much more regrettable than setting Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line and Odds wagers.

Measurements show that the original Iron Cross betting system and its unbeatable variant aren’t the best for playing Craps. It ought to be referenced that half of club players in some cases don’t simply want not to win, yet need to make some great memories. That is the reason these kinds of craps techniques are satisfactory.

At the point when club players place just Pass Line and Odds wagers, they rapidly get exhausted. Thus it’s sensible to join these strategies with the “Unbeatable Iron Cross system”. That will make playing more fun and simultaneously club edge will not be so critical.

Bottom line

Bottom line


The Iron Cross Craps strategy isn’t perfect. With the house edge of 3.87% and futile counts, this wagering framework is by all accounts not very good to win. Overall, if you don’t rely on consistent winning and prepared to the risky wagers, you can play with a very low house edge.

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