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James Bond roulette strategy – 007 roulette system

James Bond roulette strategy – 007 roulette system


James Bond roulette strategy – 007 roulette system

James Bond roulette strategy – 007 roulette system

Roulette has many strategies and James Bond roulette system is one of them. However, does James Bond roulette strategy work?

Roulette is called the game of chance and that’s not without reason, because whatever you do you cannot affect the outcomes of its spinning wheel. Hence, all you are capable of is to enhance your betting structure so that you can increase your winning chance. One of the main roulette betting framework designed to help you in this regard is the James Bond roulette strategy. The main question, however, is that does the James Bond Roulette system work? In this article of we want to find out what is the answer.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy; as mysteriously effective?

Many roulette frameworks have been designed and proposed to show you how to win at roulette, but the fact of the matter is that none of them is independently perfect. Hence, you have to learn each one of them and use them selectively based on your playing condition. Now if you want to learn about the James Bond roulette strategy continue reading this passage.

What is the James Bond strategy?

What is the James Bond strategy?


Before everything, first we have to give a brief answer to an important question; what is the James Bond strategy? The James Bond roulette framework is a methodology that covers more than 50 percent of the roulette table. It depends on a plan utilized by Bond in one of his books. He likewise appears to have utilized the Labouchere framework. This methodology is an flat wagering framework that implies that you can always wager a similar sum. You can likewise decide to follow a progression, but it is considered very unsafe.

How does the James Bond wagering framework work?

007 was prestigious as a sharp – and fortunate – gambler in his numerous excursions in paper and on screen. Baccarat was generally Bond’s choice of the game, although he made periodic raids into roulette and poker.

The James Bond method is utilized in roulette. Now if you want to know how to use James Bond Strategy in roulette, follow this path. It’s a basic plan that requires 20 units of stake and 200$. Wagers are set on a selection of numbers and sections. Regarding the James Bond Betting system in roulette, the thought is that by covering most potential results, the player can guarantee a superior long haul benefit. In fact, all numbers are covered aside from the numbers 1-12.

European Roulette is utilized for the James Bond framework. The roulette table highlights 37 numbered pockets including a solitary zero. Here is how the wagers in the James Bond framework are estimated:

  • 14 units

Outside wager 19-36

Pays 1/1

  • 5 units

Inside wager 13-14-15-16-17-18 (the 6-line wager)

Pays 5/1

  • 1 unit

Inside wager 0 (single zero)

Pays 35/1

The logic behind the James Bond Betting system in roulette

The logic behind the James Bond Betting system in roulette


Maybe you have just sorted out why the chips are set this way. On the off chance that you wager in such design, there will be 25 numbers where you win and 12 where you lose. Here is an overview of all potential results of the turn.

  • If the ball hits 19-36, you win a sum of $8
  • If the ball lands on 13-18, you win a sum of $10
  • If the ball hits the 0, you win $16
  • If the ball lands on 1-12, you lose $20

Apparently, the James Bond strategy really figures out how to offer the unimaginable and turn the odds into the favor of the player, isn’t that so? well, no.

James Bond roulette strategy odds

Numerous players may contend that wager is steep for one turn; you need to recollect that the potential payout is very great. Here are the James Bond odds should you place a $200 wager and the ball land on the anticipated area.

  • The 70% wager has 18 to 19 odds of winning. Should the ball land anywhere on numbers somewhere in the range of 19 and 36 you will make a benefit of $80.
  • The 25% wager has 6 to 31 odds, which make a benefit of $100. The ball should arrive on any of the six numbers somewhere in the range of 13 and 18.
  • The 5% insurance wager will make a benefit of $160 if the ball lands on 0. The odds of this wager being successful are somewhere in the range of 1 and 36.

You might be thinking about what happens when the ball lands on the group of numbers that we didn’t refer to. Indeed, that is the unsafe piece of the James Bond strategy. Should the ball land on numbers 1 to 12, you will lose your whole $200 wager.

Advantages and disadvantages of James Bond roulette technique

Advantages and disadvantages of James Bond roulette technique


Now that you know how to use James Bond Strategy in roulette, lets discuss its ups and downs.

Advantages of James Bond system

–         Almost all the numbers on the roulette table are covered. Therefore, the odds of hitting are high.

–         The benefits are high.

–         The rules of the game are straightforward and simple to do.

Disadvantages of James Bond system

–         A big bankroll is required.

–         On the occasion that the ball falls somewhere in the range of 1 and 12, a large sum is lost distinctly in one round.

What amount would you be able to win with the James Bond roulette system explained?

You can’t win all the wagers you have in play, since, if one of your group of six numbers comes in, you can’t win the zero number or the 19-36 wager. In addition, if the green zero comes in, you cannot win the group of six or the high numbers 19-36.

Here are the potential results:

  • If 1-12 comes in, you lose everything, a $20 loss.
  • If 13-18 comes in at 5/1, you get $25, a $5 benefit.
  • If 19-36 comes in, at 1/1 you get $28, a $8 benefit.
  • If the 0 comes at 35/1, you win $35, a $15 benefit.

Thus, to win anything at all, basically, keep away from numbers 1-12. You can see that you truly need to land the occasional zero to increase your benefits. For instance, winning three 13-18 wagers straight would give you a $15 benefit, which would all be cleared out if the following spin came 1-12.

James Bond roulette system explained doesn’t beat the odds

James Bond roulette system explained doesn't beat the odds


Like all roulette methodologies, the James Bond Roulette strategy doesn’t defeat the odds that are incorporated into the game. If you somehow happened to turn the roulette wheel 37 times and each of the 37 numbers hit, this would be the general outcome:

–         1 Spin winning $16 with the 0 wager

–         6 Spins winning $10 with the Line wager, bringing about a win of $60 in general.

–         18 Spins winning $8 with the 19 – 36 wager, bringing about a win of $144 generally speaking.

–         12 Spins losing $20 when 1 – 12 hit, bringing about a loss of $240

16 + 60 + 144 – 240 = – 20

So over the long haul of play, you can expect to lose $20 every 37 twists utilizing this framework. Obviously, the odds of turning 37 distinct numbers in 37 spins are thin, so you could win more than you expect or lose more; everything relies upon whether luck is your ally. The numbers above speak to what you can expect over the long haul of play (a great many spins) as opposed to the short term.

Beating the house edge utilizing the James Bond roulette procedure

Frankly, the James Bond roulette system doesn’t conquer the roulette house edge paying little heed to the wagering technique you use. The techniques for American roulette or European roulette increment your rewards odds, but don’t influence the house edge. It stays steady and can’t be changed by applying any frameworks thus regardless of the James Bond statics for roulette.

The James Bond roulette strategy gives you the high ground in the game, but is certifiably not a 100% assurance that you will sack wins at the table each time you apply it. It is fitting to take note that roulette table games will be rounds of luck and relying upon wagering procedures exclusively can be very disappointing for some card sharks.

James Bond procedure in European or American roulette?

James Bond procedure in European or American roulette?


No matter you’re playing online roulette or watching an actual roulette wheel spin, I suggest you play European Roulette. Here’s the reason.

European Roulette has a different format. While the numbers go from zero to 36 on the two variations, American Roulette has an extra green spot — a double zero. Although it’s only one spot, which causes the wheel to have 38 slots rather than 37, that double zero noticeably affects the math. To be specific, the European variation accompanies a house edge of 2.7%. Oppositely, the American form has lower odds of winning, with the house advantage sitting at 5.26 percent.

Does the martingale wagering progression help?

Any wagering progression is just different size wagers on different spins. That’s it. It’s a similar case with the James Bond roulette system. It is a fantasy that expanding wager size can build your odds of winning. It’s anything but difficult to accept because a major win can win back losses. Martingale is the same. It’s a similar case with the Fibonacci roulette framework, which utilizes the Fibonacci sequence or any wagering progression.

For instance, with the Martingale, imagine you wager 1 unit on red and lost. Your next wager would be 2 units. If you lost once more, your next wager would be doubled to 4 units. Then 8 units, and 16 units, and so on. The exactness of red or black spinning next doesn’t change at all regardless of what you wager, so for what reason would you hope to win?

Perhaps you think a win is due, or that it would in the end occur. However, the truth of the matter is that nothing in betting is ever “due”. A straightforward trial of this rule is to check spin results where there might be 5 or so reds in succession. At that point see how often red or black spins straightaway. You’ll discover the odds are equivalent as any other grouping of reds and blacks. The odds don’t change.

Does the James Bond roulette system work?

Does the James Bond roulette system work?


No, the James Bond roulette strategy doesn’t work. Furthermore, here’s the reason: The wager on 19-36 is covering half of the wheel. The expansion of the numbers 13 to 18 makes it so 3/4 of the wheel is covered. The wager on 0 should be “insurance”. Actually, James has made three independent wagers. They have no relationship to one another, and they don’t speak to a particular roulette wheel area.

There is nothing that makes this specific wager choice special. If you need persuading that James had no clue about winning roulette, take a stab at making the wager over a factually significant number of spins. Attempt random number generator roulette, or a real actual roulette wheel in a gambling club.

To start, utilize flat wagers, which are wagers of a similar size. At that point contrast the win rate and what you anticipate from random accuracy. You’ll discover your win rate is indistinguishable from the random.

Valuable tips and questions about the James Bond roulette technique


  • Become acquainted with the James Bond roulette system back to front by utilizing it online in free games.
  • Before you begin playing for money, consistently set limits for stakes, wins, and losses as you need to know ahead of time the best opportunity to leave the roulette table.
  • At long last, never utilize the progressive variety of the James Bond roulette strategy (where wagering stakes increment with each spin) as you’ll see it difficult to recuperate every one of your losses (because of roulette table limits, and so forth).

Frequently posed questions

  • What is the James Bond roulette system?

James Bond roulette methodology depends on three unique wagers that cover over 67% of the potential results on a roulette table. It should be utilized with an aggregate sum that can be separated into three unique parts. It likewise incorporates portions of the Martingale, where the wager is doubled if there should arise an occurrence of a loss.

  • What is the James Bond roulette bet?

There are three wagers in the main James Bond roulette system. The aggregate sum required is $200 and wagers are spread in the accompanying manner. $140 go on the Hi (19-36). $50 go on the Line Bet 13-18 and $10 go to the zero. You can play with smaller wagers as well, separating them on 70%, 25%, and 5%.

  • How to win at roulette like James Bond?

Lamentably, it is impossible to consistently win on the roulette table. We are certain that even the gaudy 007 can’t oversee something to that effect. In any case, you can use James Bond roulette strategy, and with an inch of luck, you may win a weighty measure of cash.

  • From where is the James Bond roulette technique?

James Bond roulette strategy can be found in Ian Fleming’s book Casino Royale’. There, however, the main betting point was baccarat, the top specialist additionally gave a turn to the roulette wheel with his methodology. In the film, everything was thinned down to a series of Hold’em poker.

  • What are the odds of the James Bond roulette framework?

If we must be straightforward, the odds of the James Bond roulette framework to work are very acceptable. The three wagers that you should put are covering 25 of the accessible 37 numbers. This, in rate, implies that your opportunity to win approaches practically 67.6%. The other 32.4%, however, speak to the chance of a loss.

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