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Most Common Blackjack Superstitions-Weird Beliefs!

Most Common Blackjack Superstitions-Weird Beliefs!


Most Common Blackjack Superstitions-Weird Beliefs!

Most Common Blackjack Superstitions-Weird Beliefs!

A factual blackjack player might get surprised reading this article. Here you’ll learn about the most common blackjack superstitions.

No matter how much you try; there are always people around you leading their life with concepts that have no logical or scientific background. These concepts and beliefs are called superstitions and are part of every modern society. The interesting point about them is that they even penetrate our gambling industry. Now if you are a factual blackjack fan and want to know about blackjack odd notions, read this article of about the most common blackjack superstitions.

What are the world’s most common blackjack superstitions?

Even those professional blackjack gamblers might follow certain blackjack traditions while playing. They might be weird to you, but you must respect these playing beliefs as it is about prioritizing the most important blackjack etiquette over personal judgments. If you want to know about these concepts, pursue this passage.

–             Bad Player’s Effect

Bad Player's Effect


The first notion deals with the “Bad Player”. It expresses that the card sharks’ play influences many of the other player’s outcomes in the blackjack game. This implies that when one of the bettors, as a blackjack custom, doesn’t play as per the basic blackjack strategy at the table, he plays “against the team”. However, you should consistently recollect that at blackjack nobody can impact your outcomes and the solitary individual who can change the result of your play is you.

–             Other Players Take Your Cards

This notion is a shiny star in any guide to blackjack famous superstitions, and says when you need a specific card, it goes to another player’s hand. Simply recall, if another player’s decision can’t influence your odds by “taking” the dealer’s bust card, they unquestionably can’t “take” your 21 card by the same token.

–             New Players Equal Bad Luck

Some veteran Blackjack players that are likewise on the superstitious side believe that an amateur player at the table can bring bad luck. Regardless of whether it is from plays that appear to be odd or inept or that Lady Luck doesn’t care for those that are new to the game, Some players based on their blackjack practices say tables with heaps of fledgling players must be avoided.

–             Women Affects Your Luck

Just like the case with many club games, there are a lot of strange notions followed in blackjack as well. There are several notions that were trailed by the gambling clubs and the players in the past. One mainstream blackjack notion in the past that was accepted by many gambling clubs was that female players carry bad luck to the table. Women were not greeted at the club and as a rule, were not even permitted.

The notion is in the past now, and very few individuals trust it nowadays. Today, ladies are welcome at all clubs, and the cash that they bring is likewise esteemed. The extent of ladies players stays low which is a significant disgrace, but they have a more noteworthy benefit in gambling clubs in contrast with men due to many reasons.

–             Seat Choice Affects Your Luck

Seat Choice Affects Your Luck


Even regarding playing online blackjack there are blackjack odd notions, and one of them is about seat choice. Novices and experienced players alike succumb to the purportedly unlucky last seat to the left. Many blackjack players call this seat ‘third base’ since they think this sit can practice unjustifiable impact over the rest of the table, especially if an unpracticed player picks that seat.

When the player sitting at third base strays from basic blackjack system, they are regularly liable to messy looks and protests from the rest of the table if the hand doesn’t end as expected. Albeit no numbers confirm this notion, don’t be amazed if you get a lot of irate remarks if you decide to get another card when you should stand and the dealer hits blackjack. Why? Well since if you had stayed, your card (likely) would have made the dealer go bust and the table would’ve won.

–             Chip Stacks Design

Something else that pesters individuals with regards blackjack traditions is how their chips are stacked. This can get tremendously insane in certain cases, as well. While it may appear to be ordinary to you to keep the entirety of your like chips in separate piles, there are some people who believe that this is an outright bad luck. These people will keep their chips in a messy pile since they believe that this is somehow more ideal.

–             The Dealer’s Winning Streak

Perhaps the most common blackjack custom around is that there are hot dealers and cold dealers and that any table with a dealer that is on a winning streak ought to be maintained a strategic distance from no matter what. Most blackjack players will like to be at a table where the dealer hasn’t been doing admirably. The reality, nonetheless, is that blackjack is a round of chance, implying that there are no methods of holding a series of wins intentionally.

–             Lucky Charms And Rituals

Any guide to blackjack famous superstitions has some notions that can be found for other games. These incorporate players carrying lucky charms with themselves at whatever point they are playing at the table. These lucky charms could be anything, a lucky charm wristband, a piece of garments which they believe is lucky for them, carrying a rosary, bible or any other kind of religious item, an animal bone, and so on.

Other players have specific rituals which they perform before the game starts like rubbing their hands with lucky oil, saying a prayer, or anything which they believe works for them at the table.

–             Red Is The Color Of Luck

Red Is The Color Of Luck


Starting in Asia, the myth that red is the color of luck has spread the world over and is presently something colossal in clubs. Taking in some things from Chinese mythology, numerous club players these days attempt to wear red as they can to expand their luck. For the individuals who are not moved by the gazes of other players, wearing all red has become a thing. This practice among other blackjack practices isn’t just seen at land-based gambling clubs, even those playing at an online club can consolidate this piece of Chinese mythology by choosing those online clubs with red as the main shade of the site.

–             New Dealers Bring Bad Luck

Lady Luck favors players who know what they’re doing, it appears! Prepared Blackjack players believe in this blackjack notion that they shouldn’t ever join a table that has recently seen a new croupier show up. This could be because series of wins could be believed to have been broken once the dealer liable for them leaves, thus the house edge will affect more than it has been. Be careful with reviling the new croupier, nevertheless, or even the first one. This is nearly ensured to bring about you busting.

–             Casino’s Blackjack Player

Another blackjack odd notion is that some players consistently believed that each deck of blackjack has a player for the gambling club that implies that a player is playing to lose each time for the club’s favor. This likewise not right since if a player plays for the club then that player will consistently lose and that will give advantage to other players about the hand of that player and the dealer and the card counting framework will work more perfectly in that circumstance.

If the player plays in favor of the house, that player won’t ever double down or split the cards and by this other players will have a benefit of knowing about the cards on that hand. If you know more cards than usual, you can consummately utilize card counting that will expand the winning chances of yours. If the player plays for the gambling club and loses every time, the player will lose the club’s cash and that isn’t beneficial for the club.

–             Counting Cards Always Equals Winning

This truly is one of the most common blackjack superstitions that even veterans of the game have to get defrauded by. Card counting will build your odds of winning yet it doesn’t assure you that you’ll win every single hand. Even professional card counting teams do encounter losing runs that is the explanation presumably the best teams just make progress toward specific targets in the measure of hands they play.

–             Being Due To Win

Being Due To Win


After you lose a stack of games the thought of eventually winning a game may happen in the psyche of the player and convince him to follow certain blackjack traditions. Yet, that doesn’t occur. Since you lost 10 games you are owing one win is not possible. Also, again this is only a blackjack myth that individuals have for themselves to conceal their bad luck.

Blackjack is an even game, and you could, in principle, go 100 hands without a win. On the off chance that you are clear about the game, it isn’t that troublesome test to go 10 hands without being answered. If you are a gifted blackjack player, the chances are that you have sufficient ability to ensure that this doesn’t occur and the blackjack myths stay simply a myth.

–             Hitting On 12 Vs. Dealer’s 2 Or 3 At Third Base

Numerous players who wind up seated at third base radically change their system – either consciously or unconsciously. In case you’re last to act in a blackjack game, gazing at six other faces who (mistakenly) think your choices will determine their destiny can be a difficult task. Given this peer pressure, you’ll see people who play consummately from any other seat commit basic mistakes from third base.

This blackjack custom may keep tablemates on your side, yet you’ll generally be making the mathematically inferior play when you decide to stand on 12 versus the dealer’s 2 or 3. Without a doubt, you’ll get a couple of gaze-downs when your “unusual” play creates a dealer wins. Nevertheless, as time goes on, readily departing from basic methodology will cost you much more than hurt feelings.

–             Splitting Aces And Eights

If you know some things about blackjack, you probably know that there are numerous circumstances where it very well may be good for you to split. Of course, everything relies upon the cards you have and what the dealer is showing. Notwithstanding what any strategy chart tells them, and regardless of how mathematically solid that exhortation may be, there are individuals out there who won’t ever split anything except for Aces and eights – and they will even do so when that choice would be viewed as horrible numerically. It is actually a fixed item of their guide to common blackjack superstitions.

–             The Goal Of Blackjack

The first rule that most blackjack players learn is that they need to attempt to get as close to 21 with their hand as possible. This may appear to be a central rule of the game, yet it’s a decent method of losing more frequently than winning. The genuine goal of blackjack is to attempt and consistently beat the hand that the dealer was given.

This is done by having a higher value hand than the dealer’s, and it ought to consistently be the primary objective for those that play blackjack regularly.  So if you are making a guide to blackjack famous superstitions for yourself, exclude this one.

–             Stay Away From The Main Entrance

Stay Away From The Main Entrance


This is mostly believed to have begun from the amusement capital of the world; Las Vegas. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas which has a main entrance designed portraying the jaws of a roaring lion is believed by numerous players to have bad luck. All things considered, most players particularly those playing table games at the club decided against using the main entrance and resorted to using the back entrance. Among common blackjack superstitions, this one has since spread to other gambling clubs both in Las Vegas and beyond.

–             Take Insurance against Dealer’s Ace

None of the insurance wagers is good; they are completely encircled by something irrelevant. There are 16 cards worth 10 points in a standard 52-card deck, which implies that the dealer has a 31% chance of having a ten close by their ace. There is a 69% chance that they will not overcome; this likelihood is unmistakably the indication of loss that will simply disappoint the player in all cases. So evading these common blackjack superstitions will save the player from some disappointment.

There is also a superstition regarding even bets. 95% of times, players only will take even money when they’re worked having a blackjack as the dealer’s up card is unquestionably an Ace. Nevertheless, utilizing the risk will likely be worth it and there appears to be numerical proof to help this. The probabilities for any dealer to have a 10 inside the hole are just 3 from ten as the chances against that are a bigger 7 from 10 – and are available out a larger champion.

–             Expect A Ten Because The Dealer’s Hole Card

Numerous players conserve a strategy of expecting a ten because of the dealer’s hole card. Statistically talking, this is an incredibly poor advice and just a blackjack odd notion as just 30% of the cards in a single deck could be 10s while 70% of times they aren’t. As a guide, at whatever point a dealer comes with an Ace being an up card, you have got a 2-to-1 odd the dealer’s home card is not a 10.

–             Holding Specific Cards

There are some people out there who believe that when they end up with a specific card in their hands, they’re automatically going to lose that hand regardless of what choices they make. For example, assume that the individual to your left gets the specific card that made the dealer bust in the past hand. For this individual, it very well may be calamitous since the person in question has it in their mind that this is the stopping point. Among the most common blackjack superstitions, this one is a shiny star.

–             Don’t Cross Your Legs

Don’t Cross Your Legs


When growing up, crossing one’s fingers was said to be an indication of good luck and that it freed us from any promises we made and couldn’t fulfill. Fast forward to grown-up life in the gambling club, the inverse is true concerning crossing your legs. As a blackjack tradition, it is believed that crossing your legs while playing blackjack or some other table game carries bad luck to the player and as such ought to be evaded no matter what.

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