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Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions-They Believe So!

Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions-They Believe So!


Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions-They Believe So!

Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions-They Believe So!

You may not believe that, but even slot players could be Superstitious. Here you will read about the most common slot machine superstitions.

Although we strictly try to control our world with numbers and rules, there are events that happen and we can’t explain them based on science. The most probable reason for this incompetency is our lack of knowledge, but whatever it is, it leads us to give birth to superstitions and believe them. This manner is also true about casino games including slot machines. In this article of, you will read about the most common slot machine superstitions.

What are the world’s most common slot machine superstitions?

Every casino game has its etiquette and slot machines are no exception either. In any guide to important slot machine etiquette, you would read that you have to respect other players whether they are superstitious or not. Now if you want to learn about slot machines Slot Machine traditions, pursue this passage.

–          Location Is Important

Location Is Important


Numerous players strictly want to play Slot Machines situated close to the entrance to the club. Such players believe in this Slot Machine custom that machines with looser payouts are for the most part placed here, instead of in the middle or the back of the gambling club. Now, this is one notion that may warrant some legitimacy. It is logical that club operators would put machines with looser payouts close to the entrance to create an exciting climate for players passing through the entryways and to captivate other bettors.

–          Cooked (Hot) Or Iced (Cool) Coins

One of the most salient notion in any guide to Slot Machine famous superstitions is the belief that the temperature of the coin can change your luck. While some believe that if coins are warmed before being inserted into a machine they will more probably hit a jackpot, others believe that cooling the coins with ice in advance will get the job done.

–          The Warm Seat

If you’re an ordinary bettor, you are familiar with the expressions “hot streak” or “hot table” – but, what about a hot seat? It doesn’t allude to the possibility that the seat may be lucky, but to the fact that the seat is still warm from another player sitting there; in this case the reasoning is that a machine that has been played by another player for some time will be on a lucky streak and in all likelihood produce a winning reel. If you are a superstitious slot player, include it in your list of Slot Machine practices.

–          The Slot Owes Me!

The Slot Owes Me!


Numerous players believe in this Slot Machine notion that since they put a huge load of cash into a solitary machine that machine owes them something and will in the end repay a portion of the cash. This is a typical misconception that can in the end cause a great deal of outrage and hatred if you have confidence in it because machines has no clue about who you are or how much cash you have put in.

The odds of hitting a jackpot don’t change just because a machine has not rewarded one out of an extremely lengthy time-span. This implies that the machine doesn’t “owe you” and you are not due to hit a big score since you have lost a great deal of cash on that machine. The odds continue as before for each spin regardless of what your set of experiences with that machine might be.

–          Don’t Use Slot Machine Club Cards

Not a chance. The random number generator doesn’t care if you’re an individual from the Slot Machine club, the country club, or the glee club. You’re just as prone to hit a jackpot with a Slot Machine club card in the machine as you are without. In fact, the Slot Machine club card is your friend.

Simply a moderate measure of play can get you some extraordinary gifts like free meals, free rooms, and other advantages. Some Slot Machine clubs offer cashback putting cool, hard cash in your pocket after a specific level of play. Such Slot Machine odd notions actually just deprive you of your extensions.

–          Don’t Sit, Stand

Most Slot Machine-machine seats are free-standing, but that doesn’t prevent some players from believing that their odds of winning at certain machines are higher if they stand. One player said that she thinks the machine “knows” when she’s getting comfortable it rewards her with a losing run. Her solution? She stands the entire time, regardless of whether it implies enduring a foot ache. You might laugh, but this is one of the most common Slot Machine superstitions.

–          Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms


Lucky charms have consistently been a most loved one of superstitious players for all games. A visit to any gambling club will show various players wearing their lucky charms or symbols even for Slot Machines. Numerous players, as a Slot Machine tradition, put these charms before the screen while others hang these from the handle or the changing light. Players who forget to bring their lucky charm will sometimes not even play Slot Machines at the club.

–          New Slot Machines Enhance Your Luck

Numerous players believe in this Slot Machine custom that new Slots (both online and in reality) hand out better payments. They believe that gambling clubs give higher payouts on these machines to urge players to play them once more. Even though we’d prefer to believe this, it is a myth that has been encouraged by club owners, as it urges players to go through more cash.

The truth is that, no Slot Machines are set up to do this. They are governed by strict laws and regulations, so you have as much chance of winning with your first spin as you do with your 1,000th spin.

–          Online Slot Machines Are Rigged

Albeit more of a myth than a notion, this misguided judgment creates uncertainty, particularly for players new to online Slot Machines. Also, some ordinary players avoid playing online in the mistaken belief that online Slot Machines are rigged to lessen your winning chances. This myth surely doesn’t hold any water and is likely more to do with players getting disappointed when they don’t win.

The notion is in any guide to Slot Machine famous superstitions, but isn’t genuine since land-based and online gambling clubs work with a gaming license carefully regulated by the authorities.

–          A Win Will Be Followed By A Long losing Streak

  A Win Will Be Followed By A Long losing Streak


No Slot Machines have memories where they know whether they’ve paid out a big winner or – all the more precisely – haven’t paid out in quite a while. Online Slot Machines are autonomously audited so the Random Number Generators are fair and (as the name suggests) random. Each spin is independent from the following, despite the notions of gambling club players persuaded that a game is “due” a mega payout. So disregard such Slot Machine practices.

–          Don’t Play The Slot Machine That Just Hit The Jackpot

This Slot Machine notion says that since the Slot Machine just hit the jackpot, it isn’t good to play it immediately because the machine should make up first for the big win. This is false because all Slot Machines are organized to a particular payout percentage. The odds of winning the jackpot are just the same for a Slot Machine that has quite recently paid out and for Slot Machines that haven’t paid out in days.

–          Tapping The Screen

On a visit to a land-based club, you most likely have seen some players touching or rubbing the screen before they begin playing. No, they aren’t cleaning the screen; it is just one of their Slot Machine odd notions. The thinking behind this is that by touching certain symbols on the reels, those symbols will frequently pop up on the reels henceforth assist the player with landing big wins or to trigger exceptionally lucrative bonus features.

–          You Are Being Watched By Big Brother

You Are Being Watched By Big Brother


The idea that you are under observation consistently is valid to some degree, but the truth of the matter is that regardless of how great a run you believe you’re on, if you’re not cheating, the bigger brother has more significant things to watch out for. Some players are persuaded that they are being watched through the machine and that their player’s club card is known to the club and this is the reason numerous players choose never to play this card. Among the most common Slot Machine superstitions, this one is a shiny star.

–          The Hour

You can always find individuals at the gambling club in the most unusual of hours. Regardless of whether at a busy time, after the big crowds have cleared or even very early in the morning, individuals will in general connect luck with a particular time. Their reason behind following this Slot Machine tradition for slot players is the idea that machines that didn’t pay out the prior night may do as such in the morning, while some people believe that machines are modified to pay out when there are more crowds to observe it.

–          Colored Garments

There’s no denying that we are visual creatures; it’s this that makes gambling clubs and Slot Machines particularly flashy, which thus makes them appealing to our base instincts. We frequently associate bright colors with noxious bugs and animals, and ordinarily this affiliation is right – when confronted with a snake or other hunter, do you have time to think twice?

Similarly, certain colors are said to be lucky. For Irish players, this is regularly green, for Chinese bettors, it’s red – and normally expressed through betting with red garments, sometimes even for underwear. This is not just a Slot Machine custom, but implied for any other casino game.

–          Pull The Lever Instead Of Pushing The Spin Button!

Pull The Lever Instead Of Pushing The Spin Button!


In any guide to Slot Machine famous superstitions you will find this notion that pulling the lever instead of pushing the spin button will yield better outcomes. As it turns out, there is no distinction at all between the two techniques regarding the results because both of them trigger the Slot Machine to do the same operation.

The solitary genuine distinction is that your arm may get somewhat more tired when pulling the lever throughout the day than it will if you are just pressing the button. There is zero motivation at all for a gambling club to program their machines to perform better with one spin technique or the other. Over a small sample size you may find that one technique is superior to the next, but the closer you get to an endless number of spins the more the outcomes will even out.

–          Darn Operators

Over the course of war movies (or an NFL game) you’ve likely heard the saying, “No guts, no glory.” Yet many Slot Machine players believe that if an operator interferes with their play to examine the guts of their machine, they won’t win again. These players assert that Slot Machine operators, based on their Slot Machine practices, change the “payout cycle.” Nothing could be further from the reality (or the law, for that matter).

–          RTP Is Computed For Each $100 Wager

When we say a Slot Machine has an RTP of 85%, we imply that over a significant stretch, the machine will pay back $85 for each $100 put in. What it doesn’t mean is that for each $100 put in, $85 will definitely be paid out. RTPs are often described as “theoretical”, and that is actually what they are.

In short term, you could luck out and end up a big winner. It doesn’t imply the Return percentage of that game has unexpectedly leaped to 150%, however; you could likewise lose out big-time in the short term. So it is just another meaningless Slot Machine notion.

–          Looking Away

Looking Away


Many players look away each time they play based on this Slot Machine odd notion that the machine realizes they are watching and will only pay out if they look away.

–          Play Higher Wagers On A Hot Streak

The primary standard of betting is to consistently remain inside your bankroll restricts so you don’t hazard losing the entirety of your cash. In any case, some people feel that this standard ought to be disregarded when they are “running hot” because they want to expand their earnings. This is a hazardous thought since your luck can turn at any given time and afterward you will be left broke like the all of the other superstitious Slot Machine players that came before you.

Again you should notice that there is no distinction in the odds of hitting a jackpot from one spin then onto the next. This implies that hot streaks and cold streaks are just illusions that our psyche creates from the outcomes of small meaningless sample sizes and you should avoid dictating your wager size with the help of a thought that is not even based in reality. So whatever you want to add to your list of most common Slot Machine superstitions, don’t include this one.

Bottom Line

All of these Slot Machine traditions are just that, a notion. We know that Slot Machines are constrained by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and that they are set at a certain Return to Player (RTP). All things considered, Slot Machine customs can add to your amusement value.

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