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Most popular poker superstitions – can you believe them?

Most popular poker superstitions – can you believe them?


Most popular poker superstitions – can you believe them?

Most popular poker superstitions – can you believe them?

Like every casino game, poker has its own razzle and dazzle including its superstitions. Here you will learn about poker superstitions.

Even those of us with logical and scientific tendencies might get shelter from superstitions when having no justifying explanations or logical reasoning to encourage ourselves. This behavior might not provide us with our favorite outcomes, but science proves that it gives us confidence. It is an important effect, especially when we are exposing our money at casino games like poker. This article of the will familiarize you with the most popular poker superstitions in the world.

What are the world’s most popular poker superstitions?

Regarding poker, there are also some specific manners that have to be followed. In fact, in every guide to the most important poker etiquette, you will see that you are required to respect other players. This includes respecting superstitious players. Now if you want to learn about poker traditions that these players believe in, pursue this passage.

• Good Luck All-In Brings Bad Luck

Good Luck All-In Brings Bad Luck


It’s the expression every player hears after being on a short stack for some time, and at long last finding a decent hand to ship it all-in. Other players, based on their poker custom, may offer uplifting statements in wishing you some luck, yet it appears to be inescapable those pocket Aces or Kings end up on the short end after the “good-luck-all-in” support.

This notion comes from players who’ve heard that express a couple of times and been shipped off the rail. Nobody prefers that sensation of making a tournament exit – and many don’t like the “best of luck” wish that precedes it.

• 13 And 4 Are Unlucky Numbers

Individuals that live in the west know very well that number 13 is unlucky. There is a background marked by that myth that is associated with the thirteen apostle’s starring role as Biblical betrayer. However, the same rule doesn’t count for all the cultures around the globe. In all honesty, 4 is the unluckiest number in China. That number is a type of homophone for “death”.

Individuals that speck in the Chinese language realize that well indeed. Despite that, there is another word that you mustn’t say in China while betting; that word is “books”. That word sounds like “lose” in the Chinese language. Players from that part of the world believe they will pull in bad luck in that way.

On the contrary, number eight is considered as one of the lucky numbers in that country. At the point when you articulate that word, it sounds like “prosperity”. You will find about these numbers in any guide to poker famous superstitions written in Chinese language.

• Chips With Everything

There are also some poker practices about poker chips. What do you mean; you believe it’s completely ordinary to stack your chips with the colors in an exchanging design, while continually utilizing your lucky poker chip card protector?

Chips are sickening things. They haul germs around the table, and you need to riffle them, stroke them, flip them through your fingers, all for the sake of strange notion? We feel sorry for your doctor. Carry hand sanitizer.

• Trust The Charm

Trust The Charm


Pretty much every poker player believed in poker notions brings a “charm” to the table, regularly a card protector like a lucky coin or a rabbit’s foot. Perhaps the most acclaimed one is Doyle Brunson’s little $5 black rock; he calls it “Casper” given its Ghostbusters logo. The trinket turned out to be incredible to the point that Texas Dolly could rent it out to other players at a rate of $200 for half an hour.

He claims it has acquired him more than $15,000 in rental charges alone. Once Howard Lederer offered $3,500 to purchase Casper, and shockingly Brunson concurred. In any case, there was an admonition—the charm would just turn into the Professor’s property upon the Texan’s death.

• Winning The First Hand

In case you’re dealt pocket aces on the first hand of a cash game, your response may go one of two ways. The majority of us will have a sensation of joy; a ‘start as you mean to go on’ positive attitude. Yet, there’s a minority who will feel a sense of fear. They may even fold the hand pre-flop.

‘It’s unlucky to win the first hand’ is a poker odd notion you’ll hear murmured in most card rooms around the planet. However, while some depend on it, we would never prompt folding pocket pros preflop in the first hand.

• Don’t Sit Cross-Legged

Don’t make crossing your legs at the gambling club table a habit — Based on poker superstitions, this will ‘cross out’ your luck. On the other side, crossing your fingers is said to bring you the best of luck. Go figure. Some say crossing your legs crosses out bad luck. Be that as it may, we will avoid any risk, and keep the two feet immovably planted on the gambling club floor.

• Picking Cards With Left Hand

Picking Cards With Left Hand


It is likewise believed by numerous players that picking up the cards with the left hand is unlucky. As a poker tradition, the left hand has been considered for several centuries to be related to fiendishness. The right hand had been viewed as the pious hand while the left hand had consistently been unlucky; consequently, this notion has its foundations to the older centuries, but it has no logical affirmation.

• Unlucky Bills

Bettors have long believed that $50 bills are unlucky. Numerous poker card sharks won’t be paid with $50s, for dread that it will curse them. This poker custom has become so boundless, that some club cages won’t even have $50’s in their money drawers any longer! That is one powerful notion. What’s more, numerous likewise see the $2 bill the same way, which could be part of the explanation that they aren’t even in customary circulation any longer.

• Lucky Clothes

How frequently have you caught wind of individuals wearing their ”’ lucky shirt” to job interviews or their ”lucky pants” to an important gathering? This is additionally a regular notion in the betting business and you will also find it in any guide to poker famous superstitions. If you’ve seen some interviews with poker players, you may have heard about a clothing item they generally wear to get luck at the table.

This can be anything from a hat or a shirt to lucky underwear or even socks. Poker players, even the best ones, often wear a lucky garment for important games, particularly for their final table appearances.

• Dirty Clothes Bring Luck!

Dirty Clothes Bring Luck!


Numerous poker players have it in their poker practices, and believe that filthy garments purge them of bad luck. That doesn’t mean successful poker players don’t bath. Some consistently wear the same shirt or underwear, yet just during competitions. These are likewise sort of lucky things.

Fortunately, if you are at home, very few individuals smell you after the fourth competition. This is probably the greatest benefit of online poker games. You don’t sniff others and others don’t sniff you either. Sadly, the circumstance is different in a land-based club.

• Stacking Chips In A Particular Pattern

Although there are certain principles and aides for stacking chips, you’re allowed to stack your chips in any structure or shape you want. Some players take this freedom to make odd stacks based on their poker notion or some unfounded belief based on past success. For instance, some players like stacking chips in changing color designs.

Others incline toward setting the chips consistently in specific positions in precisely the same separation from their higher and lower valued chip stacks. Unique chip stacking practices and notions aren’t as predominant today as they were before. This is primarily a direct result of the newer generation of players, who have built up their styles playing online poker and don’t give that much consideration to this part of the game when playing live competitions.

• Pocket Aces

This poker odd notion is identified with the null winning force of pocket aces. Numerous poker players believe that when they played pocket aces, they have lost more cash than winning over the long haul. This notion stands unfounded, and if you have been failing to bring in cash playing pocket aces in poker, you ought to get your essentials right and study the poker game all over. What’s more, consistently recall pocket aces are the most beneficial and the best at any point hole cards in the round of poker.

• Pocket Jacks

Pocket Jacks


Countless poker players believe that the most noticeably awful hand in poker is pocket jacks. What it implies however is truly something else. Pocket jacks are the most misplayed hand in online poker games. This hand, despite being an awesome beginning hand, is regularly the trickiest. Indeed it is beyond the capacity of average players to use this hand at the first-rate level routinely in a game that is very intense. This is the thing that prompted the birth of this particular notion among other poker superstitions.

• Singing And Whistling At The Table

Music is a decent instrument for motivation, inspiration, and mood improvement. Nonetheless, doing that while you are betting isn’t something you can do. Numerous players believe that whistling and singing incite betting goods. Regardless of that, numerous bettor dislike hearing that since they need to focus. Music and betting are not an ideal match and it is to your greatest advantage to recall that. If you do this poker tradition, avoid it in formal games.

• Don’t Count Your Money At The Table

This adage is from the old school of poker. Most players have likely, at any rate, heard the well-known Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler”, but this line appears to be strange for most present-day poker players. The present players like to know where they stand in the game on the table.

Online players don’t need to stress over counting chips at the virtual tables as it’s accomplished for you.

The reasoning behind this poker custom assumed that a player counting his cash welcomed bad luck upon his remaining time at the tables. Yet, perhaps there was additionally a more profound meaning? A player continually counting, and recounting might be more stressed over the security of his bankroll than playing some cards. As such, know your bankroll yet don’t be reluctant to mix it up in a pot here and there.

• Switching Seats

Switching Seats


If your luck is still bad a couple of hours into a session, a change in the landscape may benefit you. Numerous players decide it’s their seats which is ruining the run, so when you see a player hit and run after a lucky pot, hop into their seat and watch the suck-outs begin to go your way. If things go badly, it’s most likely not your evening. Most of players add this point to their guide to poker famous superstitions.

• Don’t Pay The All-In Early

Numerous players find this to be bad luck and put it in their avoid-to-do-poker practices. For instance, one player might be all-in for 10,275 chips with A♦K♥ and called by a player with more chips and holding the inferior A♠J♠. When the cards are tabled, sometimes the player behind in this circumstance may go ahead and count out the 10,275 chip, prepared to relinquish them to his rival.

Numerous players consider this hasty move as a definite indication of bad luck. In our situation above, that flop may have brought 7♠3♦K♥–a pleasant board for Mr. Big Slick. Unavoidably, or if nothing else in the minds of superstitious players, runner-runner cards secure the A♠J♠ a straight, flush, or surprisingly more terrible, consecutive Jacks to send the player to the rail.

Bottom line 

Everybody is allowed to choose how they approach the game, and numerous poker notions are just irrelevant and have no genuine impact over the individuals who feel (more) comfortable or sure about, for instance, wearing (or not wearing) certain colors, or bringing a would-be-lucky-charm that may have some sort of unique individual importance to the table.

Nevertheless, there is a risk that if we view poker odd notions or any other notion too seriously they can influence how we decide, or we make poker superstitions-related conditions that we cling to so fanatically that the outcome is hindering to our conduct or everyday practicalities. This is the place where the line could be crossed, and why the soundest advice may be to just maintain a strategic distance from strange notions inside and out.

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