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Three-Two Roulette Betting System – 3/2 Strategy for Roulette

Three-Two Roulette Betting System - 3/2 Strategy for Roulette


Three-Two Roulette Betting System – 3/2 Strategy for Roulette

Three-Two Roulette Betting System – 3/2 Strategy for Roulette

Roulette has many forms and strategies. There-two roulette betting system is only one of them. Here 3/2 Strategy for Roulette is explained.

The popularity of roulette and the abundance of its variants have resulted in the emergence of different betting systems for this exciting game and its adaptations. In fact, if you want to gamble seriously on Roulette to increase your fortune, you ought to learn different betting frameworks that have been designed for this game. One of these strategies is the three-two Roulette betting system that is clarified comprehensively in this article of

3/2 Strategy for Roulette and all you have to know about it

Learning different roulette strategies helps you to apply them better in different situations. For instance, learning all about the martingale betting system in roulette will equip you with a deep understanding to use it in necessary conditions. Now if you want to get yourself familiar with 3/2 Strategy for Roulette pursue this passage.

What is the 3/2 roulette strategy?

What is the 3/2 roulette strategy?


Before everything first answer our main question; what is the 3/2 Roulette strategy? To put it plainly, the 3/2 roulette strategy consolidates two wagers on each spin. Colors and columns wagers are joined to ensure continuous wins that bring humble benefits.

The 3/2 roulette strategy works by either joining a 3-unit wager on red in addition to a 2-unit wager on the middle column or a three-unit wager on black in addition to a 2 unit wager on the right-most column.

In short, in three-two strategy, there’s a five-unit combination wager that consistently includes either the red or the black one of the 3 number columns. With three-two strategy you can generally cover 25 numbers – 68% or 70% of the numbers on the roulette wheel. The payouts are humble however, steady and the player wins more often than not.

The three-two betting framework is a protected technique and is appropriate for both of all shapes and sizes bettors. No wagering progression is included yet it covers as huge on area of the wagering design as could be expected under the circumstances. There are two kinds of three-two betting framework as follow:

The ‘world’s best’ system; the most successful roulette strategy

There is a variety of the 3/2 framework that states to be better than the original one. As the most successful roulette strategy, It trains players to put down equivalent amounts of wager units on low 18/high 18 and dozens to build the odds of a win. For instance, you would put $5 on low 18 and $5 on the third dozen for the inclusion of 30 pockets. That is around 80% of the numbers. The payouts are the equivalent with dozens paying 2/1 and low 18/high 18 paying 1/1.

Nonetheless, this framework is less inclined to benefit as there are no covering wins between the two wagers. This safe betting strategy permits red or black to win at the same time with column wagers on a spin. Low 18/high18 can’t win along with the third dozen. This gives the original 3/2 more benefit potential despite its 10% less inclusion.

The 2/1 columns + red system

This safe betting strategy expects you to put down 3 equivalent wagers on the first column, the second column, and red. As a low-risk strategy, it gives you the inclusion of 32 pockets. That is around 84% to 86% of the numbers. For it to succeed, it is suggested that you play at least for 10 rounds.

Nonetheless, this low-risk strategy is less inclined to benefit as there are no covering wins between the two wagers. This variant of three-two roulette betting system also permits red or black to win at the same time with column wagers on a spin. Low 18/high 18 can’t win along with the third dozen. Likewise, this gives the original 3/2 more benefit potential despite its 10% less inclusion.

The theory behind the three-two roulette system

The coordinating between the best possible columns and colors is intended to handily permit players to take enormous actions at a little cost. The second column covers eight black pockets and four red ones so it is coordinated with a wager on red to cover as a significant part of the board. The third column incorporates eight red pockets and four black ones so you’ll need to wager on black to get a similar impact.

Players who are keen on utilizing the 3/2 strategy for Roulette realize that they can cover about 70% of the pockets on the roulette wheel. The more pockets you can cover with your wagers, the more ways you have of winning. With the three-two roulette betting system, you ought to at least win one of your bets 70% of the time and less than 33% of the spins will bring about losing the two wagers.

Wagers to use when employing the 3/2 system

Wagers to use when employing the 3/2 system


Now that you know about the basics of 3/2 strategy for Roulette, lets get to the bets. The 3/2 framework utilizes two kinds of outside wagers: red/black and column.

  • Red/Black permits players to wager on either each of the 18 black or 18 red during a round. This even-chance wager has a payout of 1/1.
  • Column wagers permit players to wager on 1 of 3 columns containing 12 numbers each during a round. This gives a marginally higher payout of 2/1.

3/2 strategy for Roulette and its function

As we said, there are two unique manners by which you can play three-two roulette system. In the main kind, the wagering will be made in the ratio 3:2 on color or column. What you can do is that two units can be wagered on the second column and three on red. Another choice is two units on the third column and three units on black. Any of the above said alternatives must be picked to play this framework. The choice that you pick relies upon the sum you will bet.

Consider that you picked the first choice. In this way, the sum set on the column and the red ought to have a ratio of 3:2. Consequently, you can put $15 on the column and $10 on the red. This is only a model. Any sum which fulfills the ratio can be utilized.

A few advantages and disadvantages of the 3/2 strategy

A few advantages and disadvantages of the 3/2 strategy


So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3/2 strategy. Its pros and cons are as follow:


The best bit of leeway of utilizing the 3/2 Roulette framework is the inconspicuous inclusion of numbers that the player’s changed wager will make. Even though the payouts are relatively low with the 3/2 strategy for Roulette, the odds of getting a win on each turn is far higher than while betting a single unit wager on even/odd or columns.


  • Multiple wagers per spin can increment quickly, so you should know about the all-out expense before beginning a round. Each all-out wager will additionally cost 5x of whatever unit the player picks.
  • Another drawback to recall is that the payouts for wagers are only 1/1 for red/black or 2/1 for columns. These are the least paying of all the Roulette wager alternatives. Thus, you wouldn’t like to get a great deal of cash utilizing this procedure.

Testing and using the 3/2 system at the Roulette table

For the 3/2 framework, you can utilize either a European Roulette or American Roulette table. Because of the lower roulette house edge, we will utilize a standard European Roulette table.

We’ll pick unit stakes of $1. We wager $3 on Red, and $2 on the first column of numbers (1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34). Significantly, the columns contain various amounts of red and black numbers. Column 1 has six red and six black numbers, for instance, while Column 3 has eight red and four black numbers.

As should be obvious, we need over half of our winning spins to come in to make a benefit. Notwithstanding, even a winning red wager and a losing column wager brings about a $1 benefit. In our run of spins, just two out of 10 highlights both the column and red wagers winning simultaneously.

Does the 3/2 system work?

Does the 3/2 system work?


Three-two roulette betting system permits your wager to cover 70% of the numbers on the board, so in any event, one of your wagers should come in seven out of 10 spins. Notwithstanding, it’s critical to remember that real game-play and speculative game-play don’t generally coordinate.

Numerically, the likelihood of the ball arrival in each pocket is equivalent. This computation depends on a theoretical session. During the short sessions of real time interaction, there will be a change in the numbers that are chosen, consequently a series of wins and losing streaks.

Each outside and column wager has a 5.26% house edge. If you somehow managed to spin the roulette wheel a large number of times, every column wager would pay out around 30% of the time and every red/black wager would pay out around 47% of the time. Wagering both during one turn has about a 10% possibility of covering wins for a benefit of 1.4x the all-out wager, and this is the place where the 3/2 strategy for Roulette truly pays.

The three-two roulette betting system places 3 units on the 1/1 payout wagers with 2 units on the 2/1 payout wagers to pad losses and increase winnings. Things being what they are, how using the 3/2 system at the Roulette table will pay? Numerically, the likelihood is in support of yourself. Nevertheless, change is the obscure component in the condition. That is the place where personal experience and luck become an integral factor.

Tips around 3/2 system

  • This framework may require high total wagers each round contingent upon which gambling club you play.
  • Choose tables with low minimum wager prerequisites for ideal achievement planning.
  • Set a personal betting loss and time to best guarantee that you will keep benefits and diminish losses.
  • As with any roulette framework, nothing is ensured to fill in as roulette is a round of possibility!

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